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I’ve discovered that indeed Idesta Solutions which is located at ‘197 North Street’ is own by “Dominic Marrocco” too. Idesta provides hand-held computer systems to customers like BSkyB and appears to be some sort of consultancy too. Its pretty much conclusive that 195-197 is a drop address for allot of companies and not just for Dominic’s who has a home up the road in Rawdon (Leeds). You won’t find him there very often as hes spends much of his time state-side in vegas.

Other 186K owned companies that were found at “195-197 NORTH STREET” are:

Firstnet Services; who were Dominics first ISP, I think.
Real Poptel; Front/brand for 186K
Connectfree limited; Front/brand for 186K

There are also several other companies that are not related to 186K too, such as:

Max Games (Northwood House 195 North Street)
Inventrix (Northwood House)
Magic Wasted Housing Ltd (195 North Street)
Pipex Communications Business Solutions Ltd (195 North Street)
Vidgital Ltd (195 North Street)
Data Centre Holdings Uk Ltd (195 North Street)
Interrior Angels Ltd (195 North Street)

Thats allot of businesses in a relatively small area. If all these companies have real offices at this address then they must be packed in like cattle!


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The 186/EFH connection is back again. I did email support@efhbroadband.com from my Fast4 connection yesterday, which as of yet theres been no reply to other than the auto-responder ticket number bot. It seems you are a very lucky person indeed if you get any sort of response. Anyway, I aint going to moan too much as i’ll be away to ADSL24 in the 14th!

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This afternoon I wasn’t able to go out because I am nursing a cold, and so instead I thought I might apply to a couple of jobs. I switched on my PC and tried to log onto the Internet. Nothing! Yet a bloody again theres ZERO broadband connection from the totally crappy company 186K. Of course, when you ring you the outage announcements line, theres never anything wrong. BUT there is and has been on several occasions. I wouldn’t trust this company as far as I can throw them. Total dross!

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I’ve had to resort back to dial-up again since the 186K connection isn’t even quick enough for me update this blog. In fact when I did try to update one entry on a 186K connection, it completely cocked it up ~ sending bad packets again!

Honestly I cannot state enough how totally useless EFH/186K are. No customer support, no technical support and rubbish connections. All round just a really poor show.

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186K Drop Address

I am reliably informed that the address on the EFHbroadband.com website of “195 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS7 2AA” is simply a drop address where many ISP’s are stationed. It appears absolutely none of the admin staff for EFH or 186K actually work there.

Quickly google-ing the post code, there appears to be a number of companies based at this address:

* Freedom Names (freedomnames.co.uk)
* Invade International Ltd (invade.net)
* Mailbox Internet (mailbox.net.uk)
* Elite Internet Services Ltd (eliteisp.co.uk)
* VISPWEB (vispweb.com)
* Ezeedsl (ezeedsl.co.uk)
* EFH Broadband (efhbroadband.com)
* IPSIP (ipsisp.co.uk)

On the brookcourtsolutions site, some way down they talk about 186K and states “186k’s head office is 197, North Street, Leeds, West Yorks, LS7 2AA”. So, is actually 186 based next door? Interestingly at 197, North Street theres another company called idesta.com which appears to be hosted on 186K’s server. Also at this location is a pine/furniture shop called Sheepscar Pine.

Sheepscar Pine
197 North Street
Leeds West Yorkshire LS7 2AA
Tel: 0113 244 4784

This leads me to believe that 197 is also a drop address.

A member of the old EFH forum mentioned that theres a number for 186/EFH of: 0113 3360922 though I have no been able to confirm this. There is discussion on the internet of this being the number for also mailbox.co.uk too, though i have personally not found any evidence of this as of yet.

On Clives emails, the footer read:

Clive Smith,
186k Limited, E-mail: clive.smith@186k.co.uk

195 – 197 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire. LS7 2AA


So what is this companies real address? 186K seems a company that wants to hide from its customers for whatever reason.

  1. ibisbill Says:
    February 11, 2007 at 11:01 pm eVery interesting. I was so screaming mad at Ezeedsl that I was thinking of jumping on a train to Leeds and confronting them but doesn’t look as if I would have found them. Am now out of their clutches after appealing to mediation service CISAS. For more details contact me on this blog leaving yr email address.Michael

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Lag City

I’ve not been able to do much this evening on the internet due to really having lagging. Not that matters too much as I’ve been watching the football; England vs Spain ~ Not saying anymore about that, except aaaaaaarrrgghhhh you stupid fffff******..

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to show everyone 186’s typical pings for a couple of sites. These are typical, rather than being an off-day or something!

See we weren’t making it up!

If you then compare that with a dial-up ISP, like Fast4.net then you get different then supprisingly Fast4.net does pretty well:

Some pings are a little faster and some aren’t. You wouldn’t expect a dial-up connection of 56kps to beat a 1Mb broadband connection though would you. What supprised me though is that the results from the dialup and broadband connection didn’t differ that much!

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186K Confusion

Today I recieved a worry email from “Andrew” at 186 saying:

“BT advise that it they are currently unable to supply a MAC key against this line XXXXX. Please advise if there are any other orders pending on this line with BT Uncompleted orders or telephony issues/billing with BT may cause MAC generation to fail.”

I had a couple of thoughts that went through my head. The first of which is that 186 had already given me a MAC code and therefore why don’t they appear to know this? And secondly, I hope thinking perhaps they might have messed it up somehow. I was wonder when this broadband hell would end.

I rang BT wholesale again, as I know it would be pointless trying to ring 186K customer support. BT said that my migration order to the new ISP has gone through and all i got to do is wait. Which is fair enough. My live date is the 13/14 of February and i’ll be on a MAX product with speeds upto 8MB.

Why doesnt 186 know that they have already issued me a MAC code? It looks like technical support didn’t bother logging calls. It might be helpful if the left hand knew what the right hand was doing!

Then a few minutes later I get yet another automated response:

“According to our records, your request is either awaiting a response from you or has been resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns, please respond to this message to reactivate the request.

If you have a secondary or unrelated subsequent issue you would like our assistance with please email the details, removing the subject line of this email and replacing with one that summarises the new enquiry, to log a new ticket.”

It’s hardly comforting getting one of these tickets, because in my experience it usually means either there is going to be a several days to wait for any human response and most likely they wont answer your question directly. I’ve not had a single question answered properly by their support department via email, ever!

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