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My legs are aching quite a bit today after going walking yesterday in “Thieves Wood” near Ravenshead just south of Mansfield. There is literally miles of walks and pathways of differing qualities surrounded by thick woodland. Its a popular place for dog walkers, as almost everyone we saw was either walking a dog or their children!

Weather wise yesterday is wasn’t very nice, cold and some drizzle, though walking in the woodland gave some cover. We walked for just over 2 hours and with my Walkers Crisps Pedometer we did around 18,000(plus) steps. I’m not sure how far that is precisely, but I would hazard a guess of around 6 miles. I sweated allot, which was surprising since it was such a cold day. There were large pools of sweat down my back and almost covering the entirety of the front of the t-shirt too. I’ve not sweated like that for ages.

There wasn’t much wildlife about in the woodland; only the occasional squirl and a few birds singing in the background. I really didn’t see much at all and because the light was so poor; I left the camera at home. It was one of those days where even the wildlife stayed in bed!


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Last Week

This week after several months of wait I managed to get an appointment with a Physiotherapist. I had to go into town to a clinic I never even knew existed in traditionally the posh part of the city. I found it fairly easily, though I was half an hour early thanks to the awkward buses.

The therapist took a complete history of my condition and ran through some procedures to test my range of movement and strength. In one test she pushed down on both of my arms and I had to lift them up. My right arm was unfortunately significantly weaker than the left arm. Could it be that using a mouse for so many years has damaged my arm that much? On the upside, It doesn’t appear to be carpel tunnel since I do have movement where many CTS suffers don’t have without screaming the house down.

The reflex test; which involved being hit with a hammer around the inner elbow joint was abit disturbing. She wacked me with the hammer and my fingers didn’t move and so she wacked me abit harder. I wasn’t sure if they are suppose to move or not, but if it works like when testing reflex on the leg then I think one logical diagnosis would actually be I’ve been dead for the last 10 years. I queried it with her and she said they are abit off but I got the impression it wasn’t so bad that it was the end of the world.

Towards the end of the session I was given exercises to do 3 times a day. The majority of them you can do whilst sitting at the desk or leaning against a wall. If you do all the exercises together in a session then it takes 15 minutes, but I am thinking what I may do is to split them up over the day.

In addition I have got to make a big change in my posture and get rid of what she calls my “computer slump” lol.. fair enough. So, when ever i remember I sit up straight and walk straight.. belly in, shoulders back and chest out. Trouble is sitting like this means now my monitor is too low and I need to find something to put underneath to raise it. The hidden benefit of sitting more upright is that you look thinner as the belly is sucked up under the ribs more; like it used to be before you hit 30. lol

I have decided to try to avoid taking Anti-inflammatories as every-time I do I bleed when I go for number two’s for a couple of days afterwards. It takes like 15 plus minutes to stop sometimes and It isn’t pleasant dripping like a tap. It cannot be good for me. The trouble is if I don’t take any medication is that it hurts like a tooth ache that never goes away and my arms remain permanently weak.

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Today I did an 8 mile walk along the river and took some pictures. It was a really hot day, but I must admit that part of the river near Stoke Bardolph is a real beauty spot. Its probably one of my favorite walks, but there are actually allot of lovely walks around the country. So I am told, the countryside is in my blood. My great grandparents worked the land in Lincoln-shire. I wonder if this explains why I feel much happier when I’m in the countryside than in a city.


In Stoke Bardolph itself I came across a herd of cows. Very friendly cows and one of them even licked my leg. It was a very warm, grassy tongue. I gave the cow a patt.. These were obviously domesticated cows, which all appear eating their way towards the pub. Quite understandable on such a warm day.

The walk was quite hard and I was aching quite a bit afterwards.

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