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Shipley Walk

Yesterday, I woke up with very little energy and didn’t feel like going for a walk at all. Even so, I struggled out of bed in a daze and stumbled downstairs at around midday. As always, my uncle arrived to pick me up dead on two o’clock and we drove off somewhere. I never normally know where exactly I am going are until they get there, and often even when I am there I don’t know where I am. Luckily, my uncle knows the East Midlands like the back of his hand and is a fountain of local historic knowledge — the perfect guide.It was a warmer day than expected since I actually went in my jacket and ended up carrying it around with me, sweating like a pig. It’s become apparent that I indeed need to lose a lot of weight. Not working and being restricted in the amount of exercise I can do has meant that I have put on roughly 3 stone! I am absolutely shocked and stunned about this since I eat very little.


We eventually are landed up in a place near Shipley right next door to the amusement park that closed last summer because it went into liquidation. My uncle, even knew that today they who were auctioning off some model trains and such at the Park! How the hell he knew about that I have no idea. Apparently, the amusement park was built on an old colliery site (‘ Shipley woodland colliery’). I suspect when all the coal pits were closed down in the 1980s by Margaret Thatcher the regeneration money was used to build the park. After such a short troubled financial history, its closed and I bet developers will just put a few thousand houses on the site instead, completely destroying the beautiful countryside in that area. Yet another natural resource spoilt for the majority by the greedy minority.


We also walked through a place have never been before (apparently) called Mapperly nature reserve. There is a Mapperly region in Nottingham itself but we were in Derbyshire. I saw a strange looking duck there, which appeared to be some sort of cross breed of a common farmyard duck and something more wild. All the other birds didn’t seem to like his presence and there was a lot of commotion; flapping of wings and a lot of quacking!

When I eventually got home I opened a well-deserved can of Guinness and put my feet up, spending the evening comatosed in front of the TV watching it but without actually taking anything in.


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Stretching Day

I took the short bus journey to the clinic this afternoon which cost £1.40 to go less than 1.5 miles, then I had to walk another quarter of a mile to get to the place. It costs £1.40 to go all the way into town which is probably triple the distance. I didn’t catch the bus back!

The new NHS clinic is very new looking and very fresh. I thought it strange that the new physiotherapy department was located on the second floor and the security guard directed me up a big flight of stairs. I took my time going up the long stair case with glass side and at the top on the left there was a lift! Why didn’t he say there was a lift!

The new building is only half completed so you have this strange situation of half the building completely functional and the other half not even built. I did notice along one wall there were lots of doors that said “Do not Open..” and you could hear the sound of heavy machinery behind it. Apart of me (my inner self) wanted to open the door, though it was a good job I didn’t as i was upstairs at the time!

The session went well and she gave me a couple of other stretches and exercises to do on top of the dozen or so I have to do several times a day. The upside is that I now only have to go every 2 weeks on a Thursday afternoon. The mornings were all pretty much booked up with existing clients. Due to the location of the clinic this pretty much means that I will need the afternoon free as there’s no patient parking. I would have to go home first and catch a bus and then walk the last quarter of a mile. The appointment itself lasts between 30-60 minutes, depending on the plan.

I asked the therapist about a piece of equipment I was recommended by a couple of people from the RSI mailing list. They found a £160 workstation from posturite useful for reducing their symptoms. The physiotherapist didn’t think it was a good idea, as having your arm in the position required to use the roller mouse is even more un-natural apparently. She seems to think a vertical mouse, particularly that one that looks like a pen might be a better option. But, she said she’ll try and find me some further details on this for our next session on the 17th. Until then I’ll be using the cursor keys and short cuts, which I am very slowly taking to.

I decided to walk back. What really decided it was when i was waiting to cross the road at the lights, two of my buses whizzed past. I did say ‘oh bollocks’ under my breath. I walked back in about 45 minutes at decent pace. Well, I will certainly sleep tonight.

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Summer is here

Its hot today. For the second day running I have managed to go for a little bike ride. Not far. Yesterday, was the first time on a push bike for well over 5 years. I stopped cycling largely related to the amount of pain I was in. Yesterday I managed to do a 30 minute ride, with a small break midway. I biked down to the new clinic which is half of a construction site, though this is where my physiotherapy has been moved to. I like to have some idea where I am going before hand.

When I returned yesterday from cycling, I found that my left hand was shaking big time and the right one had tremors too. The left hand was quite shocking to see as it was violently jerking as I held things. It’s never done that before with so much movement anyway. I must admit its really odd to see parts of your own body twitching and jerking all on their own. I literally have no control over it, though luckily it settled down abit after a long rest.

After I returned from todays 40 minute ride, the shakes in the left hand wasn’t so severe, though I do have a weakness in both arms and the arms do ache quite abit. Endurance I feel is a big problem. You’d think when cycling your legs would hurt more than your arms, but its completely the opposite for me. Before I had all these repetitive strain issues, I used to often bike 20-30 miles every night after finishing work. I was super fit and had a high level of endurance in my legs. Whats so upsetting is that my arms/hands have such poor endurance; that worries me allot.

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I did go walking last weekend too, but I forgot to update this blog. We only went down to Beeston Weir, which is a place I have been many times before. We parked up next to the Canal, walked towards the Locke’s and over towards the weir itself. We walked down the Trent a little but then left the river to walk past boots the chemist and down to Clifton bridge. At the bridge we walked back next to the river itself up to the weir. It wasn’t a long walk at only about an hour and half.

On the way home, I dropped in at my uncles as he wanted me to take some pictures of the back garden as the flowers were out. I don’t think there was any specular shots there, but there was a nice display even so.


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