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Today I went for a walk down the old Grantham canal. We parked up just on the other side of Cotgrave; a small village just to the south of Nottingham. The canal area has gone into ruin due to the lack of investment, even though there had been plans to restore the waterways in the area for local boating. [ Read More ]


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Today I woke up to yet more rain and I wasn’t sure whether to go walking or not. I looked outside, it was mostly light rain and since I do have shower proof clothing I thought I’d might as well. [Read More]

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Today I woke up to yet more rain and I wasn’t sure whether to go walking or not. I looked outside, it was mostly light rain and since I do have shower proof clothing I thought I’d might as well.

We went out just after 2pm and drove down to the Embankment near the River Trent. The reason being is that along this part of the Trent there are proper paved foot paths for 80% of the trek, leaving only 20% or so of mud to navigate around. We parked up near the foot bridge on the embankment and crossed over to the other side. Around this time it became to rain quite heavily and we decided to shelter under the Lady Bay Bridge until it passed and 30 minutes later we continued.


We continued to walk in the direction of and eventually passing the Nottingham Forest Football ground, though we passed under Trent Bridge first of course. Our final destination was to be Holme Pierrepont, which is also known as the National Water Sports centre.

Some History: Holme Pierrepont was a place I used to know very well as what many people don’t know is that the track that runs around the rowing lake is exactly 1 mile long. This is very useful if you are training on a racing bike for the greater Nottingham bike ride, raising money for charity. Its been 10 years since I was cycling regularly, but back then doing 50 miles in a day was not such a substantial amount of mileage as you would think. I would train nearly every day for 6 months prior to the event, doing roughly 20-25 miles in an evening of cycling at good speed and then at a weekend do more endurance work. I was very good at endurance work as I always left something in the tank. I completed the 50 miles bike ride a few times.

As we got to the sailing club at Holme Peirrepont the ground got substantially more muddy. There was some sort of ladies rowing events taking place and there was quite a few people there watching or taking part. The car park was half under water and it took quite a feat of navigation so get around it wearing just my trainers. My trouser bottoms got abit muddy of course, but I do try to limit it rather than splashing through it like a lunatic.

Boating Lake

We took a circular route around the canoeing course, which again was in flood and back up the side of the rowing lake. We headed back to the embankment the same way we have came, arriving back at the car at roughly 5:15pm. Thus, I got home on time for tea and biscuits, which I enjoyed after peeling myself out of my wet clothes.

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Shoulder and neck RSI Pain

Today the RSI I suffer from came back with large sharp pointy sticks. It started soon after I woke up, I knew I was in trouble as I was feeling really stiff and unable to move without pain. It actually felt like I fell over the day before on ice or something. You know when your body feels like its been jolted and theres a sense that theres going to be some major bruising to come. With RSI, it just feels like theres going to be bruising without them actually ever coming out.

I really struggled to get out of bed and it took me an hour to complete the morning session of exercises from my physiotherapist. On days like this, my arms and especially shoulders just feel like they have no strength in them at all. Its hard to understand how I can go to bed feeling relatively strong and wake up 60% weaker within only a few hours.

I’ve had shoulder problems since last Tuesday if I am honest, ever since I attended a family meal at a local beafeater where sitting in one place for too long in a not particular comfortable chair seemed to had made my body complain rather more than usual. I’ve been massaging my shoulder with ‘Chinese Balm’ for the last couple of days and it does help. It has exactly the same effect of products like Deep heat and Radian B, though Radian B does contain ibuprofen.

Self massage is good, but its far better if can get someone else to do it for you. Trouble is most people can only manage a few minutes and then they get bored. I personally find a 20 minute massage to be about right. When massaging my problems seem to be concentrated around the bottom of the neck, where one traditionally feels tension. Its not just tension unfortunately, but something 100 times more uncomfortable that doesn’t go away in a few hours. More likely a few weeks, if I am lucky.

I get problems in the area just below the shoulder blades in the middle of my back. Up to last Tuesday this had improved, but unfortunately it seems like sitting in one place for 2 and half hours has changed that.

I find walking very good, though obviously its not something I am going to be doing during torrential rain and local flooding. I have actually been caught out in storms of torrential rain in the middle of nowhere a few times and when I got home it looked like i’d been in the river with the drown rats. Makes mental note; if I go walking tomorrow, take water proof’s and mobile phone just incase I need to call the coast guard. lol

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Today’s walk was somewhere I have never been before or even heard of; Ogston Reservoir in Derbyshire. It can be found some way off junction 28 of the M1 or by heading out of Nottingham past selston towards Alfreton. [Read More]

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Today’s walk was somewhere I have never been before or even heard of; Ogston Reservoir in Derbyshire. It can be found some way off junction 28 of the M1 or by heading out of Nottingham past selston towards Alfreton.

Vintage Car

There are numerous places to park around the reservoir, we used one of the free public car parks which was located near the reservoir but set back a little. It should be noted you cannot directly walk very closely around the water line, but as a backdrop its simply stunning. The walk itself does contain some hills and boggy ground. We parked next to this old style beautiful rolys royce motor, that was being driven by a happy elderly couple.

We walked out of the car park and made our way up the road towards Brackenfield that is located along the banks of the reservoir. On entering the village we came across the Holy Trinity Church, built in 1857 replacing an older building that was constructed in 1500. The ruins of the older building are hidden in the trees and apparently a pilgrimage from the village to there is made every Trinity Sunday to mark its historic place in the local community.

The Church

Some way past the church, we skipped off the safety of the tarmac of the road, over a style, down a slightly over grown trail and then over a a patch of boggy grass land. The land was soaked and if you stayed in one place too long you started to sink a little. So, it was a quick walk and no stopping to admire anything, else you’d be admiring how quickly your shoe has disappeared. Unfortunately, I did misplace a foot and splashed into a muddy puddle, making a bit of a mess of my trousers. I’ll be brushing them down all week now trying to remove the stains. Still, I’ve come to expect this sort of thing on these walks and always wear some grotty jog pants or shorts on these weekend adventures into the wild.

At the end of the boggy stuff we came to a small brooke, where there was two young women bizarrely sitting in their kids push chairs and their little ones stood close by. I said hello to them, though decided not to ask why they are sitting in the push chairs. The ways of country folk are different from us city dwellers after all!


We rejoined the roadway and marched up a rather steep hill, looking over to the left there’s a decent view of the Ogston Sailing club. We had actually parked up slightly left of this view and just demonstrates how far we had walked already, with still there was half way to go.

The entire walk took roughly 2 hours and another 45 minutes each way to drive to Ogston. So, if you like walking at a more steady pace then you might want to this walk earlier.

I arrived home just before 6pm, exhausted partly from the exercise and the sunshine. Though, I look forward to these walks every week as it gives me a chance to get out into the countryside, away from the town. You see so much more out there, if you want to.

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The old host for the EFH Rebels message board has closed all his forums as unsuprisingly the advertising revenue wasn’t covering the hosting costs. So, ”xeboards.com” is no longer functioning at all. Steve has set up a free forum else where at: http://efhrebels2.30.forumer.com

The EFH Rebels forum isn’t just restricted to EFH support but is a great place general broadband advise. Its normally one of the first places I go to ask people about any Broadband problems. Since joining ADSL24, luckily theres not been many of those. Still over the past week I have been suffering from various outages and slow speeds. Overall though, ADSL24 is far superior to EFH Broadband in every respect.

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