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Wrist Sprain

For the last 6 days I’ve been suffering with a proper wrist sprain after falling on it, whilst having a ten minute kick around (football) on the park with my nephew. I used to play a bit of footy when I was younger, but I was never that good. I was always better in goal, though partly that was because I was big and mostly due to insanity; charging at strikers who almost always came off worse. Times have changed and I am not that person any more. It seems to me that I get one injury after another at the moment. I seemingly get over one and then get something else that is worse.

Expandable Bandage, Sprained Wrist

I’ve got my hand wrapped up in one of those expandable bandages you can get from the chemist. You can go to the doctors, but I knew he’d just give me the same thing or try to give me pills for the pain. After that scare with the lump in the intestine, I don’t want to take pills. long term prescribed medication pain killers probably caused the lump or at best the bleeding lump!

If you are wondering what the little round circle plaster thing is, its something called “ACUMED“. Its basically a patch for muscle and joint pain. It consists of a self adhesive plaster containing high purity zinc and copper in a magnetic field. I am complete sceptic when it comes to using magnesium, but it does appear to have some slight benefit particularly if you place a couple of them near the worse areas of pain. Even though they don’t get rid of the pain altogether, they do take the edge of it.

Acumed Magnetic Patches, Pain Relief

I’ve used 6 of them altogether as I find the relief given by one to be too localized, though I believe they are making it bearable as opposed to breaking my rule and reaching for pain killer pills.


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This afternoon there was a blue sky, very hot with only the occasional whisky white cloud that hung almost lonely in the heavens. It was a good day to get out and about, so I went for a walk to one of my most favourite locations in the county; Gunthorpe and Hovering, near Nottingham Sailing Club.

The sailing club itself is located next to the River Trent and there’s a public footpath that bisects through it. We would normally park up next to the river in Gunthorpe and walk along the river bank to Hovering; which is the very next village along the river. Then as we approach Hoovering we leave the main footpath and head off on a less well used path that heads to the rear of the sailing club. We then walk through the sailing club, out the front entrance. A little way down the drive on the right hand side you rejoin the public footpath that eventually leads back down to the river. We then walked back along (with the current) the river bank towards Gunthorpe.

Nottingham County Sailing

I’ve never been much of a sailor, in fact the whole thing of sailing on a lake in circles seems like a bit of a waste of time to me. I like to go to places, see new things not the same things as that’s like being in a gold fish bowl. walking around the lakes its nice looking at the boats and how the sun dances across the surface of the water. I took a little video of this as a still picture just cannot capture the magic of how the suns dance.

In total the entire walk took a little over 2.5 hours. Plenty of time to get a good tanning; which I did. In fact I had a little too much sun and taking a hat with me may had been wiser. Next time I will.

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Stoke Bardolph


Today we drove down a small village named Stoke Bardolph which is apart of the gedling borough in Nottinghamshire. I have been down there many times; its near the River Trent, some countryside and a couple of pubs. The sun was out and it was a brilliant summers day; for once the water proof stayed at home. Strangely even in this baked soaked heat, we found some mud we could had trampled through but we decided to go around it.

I must admit I have a thing for flowing water; rivers, lakes, oceans or little streams. There’s something calming about flowing water. Its not always so of course, water can be really dangerous but I find watching it from the safety of the river bank a relaxing experience. Its not just the river, but the countryside. I like being out in it, rather than being in a city. My uncle says, its in our blood as several generations ago our family worked the land. I had never considered myself as an outdoor person, in fact I can be quite nesh when stationary. I do enjoy getting back to nature, there’s nothing like it. It’s way better than television!

We walked down river a little just past Stoke Bardolph where there’s a strange odour of treated sewage. As we approached the Netherfield Lagoons, this smell turned into something a bit more gassy. I urged my uncle not to light any matches and we rushed through the smelly area. The Lagoons are built on the slag from the old coal pit that was close by. In the winter the place looks horrible, but in the summer its rather pleasant and there’s plenty of birds around.


We walked out of the back of the Lagoons back towards the river, coming out opposite the railway bridge. At this point there was a sign that was pointing to the colwick industrial estate. We turned back at this point to walk back up river towards Stoke Bardolph.

There wasn’t many people on the walk, other than a couple of fishermen and dog walkers. The wildlife wasn’t anything specular either, but it was a nice way to spend an afternoon out in the fresh air rather than being poked up inside with nothing to do.

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Neck and Shoulder Pain

This morning I woke up in bed on my back. As i shuffled during the just waking up and squinting at the clock stage, there was an audible crack from my torso and oddly a pain in the under side of my upper thigh on the left left. Cracking for me isn’t unusual, but being so loud and accompanying leg ache was something knew. I shuffled a bit more, before deciding to go back to sleep.

It was 11:30 I woke up again and decided that I should get up. The only problem was I couldn’t get up; My upper back and neck was no longer working. I tried calling my Dad but he couldn’t hear me because my nephew was busy downstairs screaming and shouting. Just the normal small child shouting; usually along the lines of “I want sweets”, “I want a sucker”, “I want Juice”, “I want…” etc. He’s a nice kid, but no one could ever accuse him of being a quiet little boy.

Anyway, I tried to struggle over to the mobile so I could call downstairs, but annoying I left the phone just out of reach and it was incredibly painful to move. I tried nudging myself to the left to get nearer the phone, but atlas it was just out of reach. I eventually got Dads attention. He was able to lift my neck and shoulders up slightly, to perhaps around the 20 degree point and then after this point I think the lower back muscles take over anyway.

The level of pain was unbelievably bad and seems to coming from an established area that I have been getting physiotherapy on. I have only 2 sessions left at the NHS clinic before it finishes and I am going to sent back to the hospital for nerve conduction tests. I’m not happy about the physiotherapy ending when I have just had quite possibly the worse flare up I have ever had. Just bad timing.

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Today we decided to go for a walk up Misk Hills, which are Hills located roughly between Hucknall and Annesley in Nottinghamshire. We parked up on the slip road next to St Mary’s church on, I think its called “Church Road”. [Read More]

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Today we decided to go for a walk up Misk Hills, which are Hills located roughly between Hucknall and Annesley in Nottinghamshire. We parked up on the slip road next to St Mary’s church on, I think its called “Church Road”. I should know the name of the road as It’s one historically I’ve biked along only a few hundred times in my youth.

We crossed over the road onto the public footpath that led up along side a very steep ploughed field. Its a good walk to get you panting and sweating. The weather today was really warm with sunny spells. When the sun was out, its was strong and I felt the top of my head burning again. Baldness does have one or two negatives! Once you have climbed the hills of course, you do get some stunning views of the town below.

The bizarre route I was taken by my guide took me along numerous fields, some harvested and others waiting to be done. At least today, almost 90% of the walk was on solid ground, though to his credit he still did find some mud and soft ground that took some careful treading. One field was particularly difficult had it looked like a large herd of cattle had been through it the day before and left it a multitude of sunken hoof prints. When I say hoof prints, it was more like leg prints has they were really quite deep and you could quite easily loose your footing in them.


In terms of wild life there is a fair bit about, though its hiding from you. You do see quite a few birds in the hedge rows and there’s of course insects galore. The public footpath in places is a bit overgrown at the sides and nettles stand 5 foot tall in places, that perhaps need some trimming. Luckily, next to the nettles there were a fine selection of dot leaves, which I did use myself as even I was stung by something. I don’t think it was a nettle though as the sting lasted all night and inside the next day.

On return my guide wanted me to take a couple of pictures of his front garden and send them into the news paper. This I did, though its not the sort of picture I would had sent in personally.


Its hard getting a good picture of flowers in a built up area where there’s houses and lampposts in the background. His garden was narrow and so it was next to impossible to get everything in shot and to be in-line to the edge of the driveway. All I can say, be thankful for inventive cropping!

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