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You can’t image how embarrassed I am in actually forgetting my Kaspersky Internet Security 7 password. You can’t just un-install the application and re-install it like with many other anti-virus applications as it will also ask for this same password again. This is a good idea for most people, but there are going to be times where people have either forgot their password or have bought a second hand computer with the software already installed.

I fell into the “Oh my god, I have forgotten my password again” criteria. I looked on the internet with a heavy heart as I read that you couldn’t just un-install the software and I was starting to think the only way I would recover my password (not really recover) was to format the hard drive and re-install everything. You cannot believe how much I was groaning inside with the thought of doing this yet again. Don’t get me wrong, installing windows is really straight forward to other operating systems, but it just not something you want to do on your Sunday afternoon when you are suppose to be taking it easy!

After much searching I managed to put together a work around that worked for Version 7:

* Disconnect your PC from the Internet or alternatively switch the router off.
* Reboot into “Safe Mode” by pressing F8 at the start.
* Once loaded to the desktop, navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0’ folder.
* Rename the file ‘avp.exe’ to ‘temp.exe’
* Restart the PC and let it boot as normal.
* Run the renamed file ‘temp.exe’
* Open the main application window and click on the settings link.
* From left hand side select the ‘Services’ option.
* Remove the tick from both the ‘Enable Self Defence’ and ‘Enable Password Protection’ Options
* Click on the OK button.

You’ll notice that Kaspersky didn’t prompt you for your password, which leaves you now free to create a new one.

* Close the window and then Exit from the program (right click in the taskbar).
* Go back to the ‘C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0’ folder and rename ‘temp.exe’ back to ‘avp.exe’
* Run ‘avp.exe’ by clicking on it.
* Click on the settings link and then into ‘Services’.
* Tick both the ‘Enable Self Defence’ and ‘Enable Password Protection’ options.
* In the box next to the ‘Enable Password Protection’ option, go to ‘Settings’
* Enter a new Password and confirm it by entering again.
* Click OK button
* Reboot the PC and connect back onto the internet.

Now please write down your passwords in a little booklet and store in a safe place!


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Despite having left their custom it must be over a year ago, I still seem to be on EFH Broadband’s mailing list, as I received an news update saying that they were about to move their customer support for a freephone UK location. So, has EFH actually seen sense and taken note of all the complaints about their completely useless foreign call centres? Time will tell I suppose.

Dear EFH Broadband Customer,

Over the past months we have been making significant improvements to our business, these improvements have been in line with the feedback we have received from the most important people…. YOU, our customers!

You have asked for a UK based customer call centre for your all your support…… and we are delighted to inform you that today we have launched our new customer support based… in the UK. This support desk is designed to assist you with all your queries and questions, from upgrading your broadband service through to technical questions, our team of experienced technicians are trained and on hand to help you!

This exciting and welcomed improvement is the one of many we will make over the coming months and as we value each and every one of our customers we look forward to continuing to listen and to servicing your ongoing needs.

As you would expect as a result of this change your support number has now changed, you will need to keep the following number in a safe place, as you will need this to contact us:

This number is 0808 156 4776.

The support lines are open as follows:
Monday to Fri 9am till 7pm
Saturday 9am till 2pm

We feel sure that you will be extremely happy with this change and urge you to stay updated as to what other changes are due, please feel free to log into http://www.efhbroadband.com

We thank you for your valued custom and we wish you all a very happy new year.

Best regards,

The UK Based support team.

Well that’s over a year to late for me, and it certainly won’t be an ISP I’ll be rejoining any time soon.

I’m not certain, but I think some of my EFH topics have ruffled a few feathers, as I received a negative personal comment from an Idesta Office Solutions IP address (Idesta is owned by 186K) in connection to the EFH Broadband Morons post. I think it was a comment from a grown up though it could had easily been from a child or someone with a reduced mental capacity. I don’t really care.. but it was really funny.. LOL

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RSI strikes again

Today I should have gone to work at a client site to carry on with technical writing. It wasn’t a website job, it was one where I was just writing copy for external customers for two to three days a week. It wasn’t a bad place to work, although it was a bit too quiet for my liking.

The reasons I lost the role was basically because my job and a new one would be combined into one.  Since I cannot use a keyboard for more than a few minutes without pain and completely rely upon voice recognition software in order to do any writing, then I would be unable to do the other part of a job of logging calls.  It is physically impossible to be on the phone talking to customers and typing what they are saying if you cannot type yourself. The new role would also be full-time which is virtually impossible anyway to me even with voice recognition.

Half the problem is that I am unable to work in normal eight-hour day but instead I have to use spread the hours I work over seven days a week as opposed to five.  This means that I still do 30 hours a week but I only do four to five hours a day maximum.

Occasionally on this job I would try to type, though with disastrous results for the rest of the week.  Since I was only working two to three days a week and would grit my teeth to bear the pain, but its literally impossible and it gets so bad that some nights I would be in tears. It takes allot to make me cry as I’ve had along time to learn to control my pains. Even So, I couldn’t and its getting to much for me.

It is unjust society we live in as despite my extremely obvious disability I somehow do not qualify for disability living allowance according to the Department of works on pensions.  There are many people in this country who are in exactly the same boat as me, where they are unable to claim for these extra living expenses in order to purchase devices to help them with their problems because the DWP are operating in a cruel and inhuman manner by denying those with extra needs their basic human rights.

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I Am Legend is based on a book written in 1954 by Richard Matheson but is set in the future in 1976. In the book the story on a Vampire horror where a terrible plague has decimated the world, and those who were unfortunate enough to survive have been transformed into blood-thirsty creatures of the night.

The Film though only takes the very basic concept and more or less changes everything so it barely resembles the original story line. In the Film Some British scientist invents a virus that cures cancer, but also kills a large proportion of the population, leaving only a few survivors which turn into these strange creatures of the night that dine on the living.

Will Smiths character is a high ranking officer in the military that is also looking for a cure for the virus. The film is a story of him going about his daily business of surviving and slowly going mad, as he talks to shop dummies and the radio plays in his head. I do think they could had made the film rather deeper and more powerful. Some how Wills character appears to be sane when he needs to fight the creatures of the night or save the compulsory Hollywood screaming girl.

There were some aspects of the film that just didn’t make sense. He had an unlimited supply of electricity, petrol and bullets amongst other things. He drove around in fast cars and shooting things. It is totally weird and aspects like this made the film lose its way rather. It seems, despite being losing his mind he still have to have a really nice car with a good paint job – My point is who is he showing it off to? Everyone is dead!

The Film is certainly worth a watch, but I’d wait until it comes out on DVD and borrow it from someone else that has it. Its not worth paying hard earned money seeing this film. I won’t spoil how the film turns out; Its not totally the Hollywood ended you’d expect, but its not far off.

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Last week I had to reformat and re-install windows, which also meant me installing the very latest edition of the email client Thunderbird Ever since the new install, the spell checker has no been working and I have tried all the simple fixes like manually installing the dictionary again from the Add-ons panel. This didn’t work. Apparently in newer versions Thunderbird moved the location of the dictionary folder and so when you install Thunderbird this folder isn’t being created and thus the dictionary cannot be installed. Why the creators of Thunderbird haven’t fixed this in a mystery.

Anyway to fix this particular issue:

1. Install the Dictionary fix; http://journal.mozdev.org/dictfix.html
(will need to restart Thunderbird)

2. Download (Save As) to desktop the dictionary file:

3. Install the dictionary definition from within Thunderbird from the Tools > Install Dictionary menu option. You simply select the dictionary definition from your desktop and restart the client.

This should solve the problem, though you might discover that the Dictionary Fix script has also turned off the Add-ons panel. I’m not sure how important this is since I don’t use any more Add-ons. Perhaps someone else can test this!

For more information see; http://kb.mozillazine.org/Dictionaries

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Ouch RSI

Normally today I would had gone to work at a clients site to do some technical writing. It wasn’t an web site role, but really one just writing copy for external customers for 2-3 days a week. It wasn’t a bad place to work, abit too quiet but it filled in the hours. Losing this role, kinda of messes my financial planning up for the year as I need a regular income type of job to support me whilst I work on other business activities which take much longer to build up. I know it does.. So, its back to the drawing board searching for the next job that I can do without it totally crippling me.

I’ve just got to pop into to see the old client for half a day tomorrow to tidy up and collect my bits.. and go through the motions of goodbye etc. I won’t burn my bridges or anything, as I think we’ll be parting on good terms. Its just hes looking for someone that is cheaper and can work longer and harder. I’m more or less the opposite, I work in spirts and take rests else like today my arms/hands burn like hell for the rest of the week. I’ve had it so bad actually where it burned for several weeks and thats really unpleasant.

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Feeling Sad

I just heard the client I was working with has decided to offer a large part of my job as a full timer at a cheaper rate. He said I am welcome to apply for it, but since the work is all administrative (ie typing and mousing!) and full time, then he didn’t think I could do it. He is of course totally correct as if I tried that level of typing, I’d end up as a complete cripple within 2 weeks. I am really not having a very good new year at the moment. At moments like this, I just feel totally alone as I don’t have anyone to share these lives problems with.

So, its back to the slog of finding other clients whilst disabled. Another impossible task as UK companies are notoriously selfish and flout any discrimination laws all the time. Its a sad fact, these laws don’t protect anyone.. all it means is that employers do not openly discriminate in public. Behind closed doors or/and closed minds, no law can protect the workers. I’ve seen it and heard it.

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