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It seems like the initial reports from America were inaccurate as in the UK the quake was measured to be an 5.4 – The strongest tremor for 25 years. The Nottingham Evening Post said it was the strongest quake for 250 years. I think the type setter slipped there and put in the zero by accident, as its not the strongest earthquake ever in the UK.

There was some light to moderate damage. Cracks in brickwork isn’t light damage really and is actually very dangerous over the longer period as it has weakened the structure of a building; this could mean its more likely to collapse than a non-cracked structure. I didn’t see any damage around where I live.

I need to apologise to those that posted comments, it appears that blogger has screwed up and has some how lost them all. The Moderate Comments section appears to be faulty.


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Just before 0:55 this morning I was just in the bathroom when I felt a significant tremor shaking the house. It shook the bed, windows, furniture and was powerful enough to make me lean against the wall.

I’ve felt tremors before, but this one seemed quite violent for this country. Early reports are showing that the tremor has been felt as far south of North London and north up to Leeds. People I know in Manchester also felt it and they actually were the first to confirm that it was a tremor of an earth quake variety rather than from a large bomb.

The BBC have received early reports of quake activity from Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Manchester, Berkshire and the west Midlands too. They are reporting that the quake was felt around 1am in Birmingham, but I can assure you I felt it here before at 0:55 as I was asking for confirmation at 0:57, I’ve just been informed.

The US Geographical Survey’s website reported a quake of the magnitude of 4.7 and said the epicentre was 30 miles (50km) south of . For more information on this Quake, .
the map

The earth did truly move tonight for some tonight, especially for those in Kingston-upon-Hull, Lincolnshire.

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It’s your last chance tonight to see a lunar eclipse from the United Kingdom, so if you are up at 3 a.m. GMT then have a look out of the window and see if there’s anything interesting in the sky. There will be nothing interesting above my window, as it’s really cloudy tonight and so I plan to spend it tucked up in bed where it’s warm. If you do have a clear night and you cannot sleep then take a picture of the sky as it our last chance to see it until the year 2015! I missed the last lunar eclipse, not because I was drunk or ill or at work, I simply forgot about it. If you’ve never seen one, it should be on the list of things to do before you die! I crossed that one off quite some time ago and unlike other entries such as winning the national lottery it’s at least achievable.

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Yesterday we went on our weekly walk into Derbyshire, actually little place called Shipley gate that is located just the other side of Eastwood. It is a walk I’ve been on many times before, though it’s not some way you can get bored of because he has everything from the mud, waterways, babbling Brooks, vandalised land and even a bit of tarmac. The walk really starts… [Read More]

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Yesterday we went on our weekly walk into Derbyshire, actually little place called Shipley gate that is located just the other side of Eastwood. It is a walk I’ve been on many times before, though it’s not some way you can get bored of because he has everything from the mud, waterways, babbling Brooks, vandalised land and even a bit of tarmac. The walk really starts from the pub on the Nottingham Canal, just over and humpback bridge to the right. We parked up opposite, walked over the bridge and turn left to walk downstream.

It is quite a narrow path along the canal and some care does need to be taken, especially if you have children as they could very easily take an unscheduled dip. The canal is rather high to, though not as bad as it had been in previous weeks. There were some slippy bits has the mud was very soft in places and I was glad I had my boots on.


Some way down we turned away from the canal into some fields, continuing on the public footpath and eventually onto privately owned coal mine land where the sign welcomely said “trespassers enter at their own risk”. It is strange is the sign to have, even though the path was open to the public. As we entered the land we heard the sound of motorbikes. It turned out to be teenagers playing on bikes are scrambling and racing on a bit of concrete that was perfectly straight and seemed to run alongside an old railway line. They weren’t causing any trouble, they just wanted somewhere to run their bikes and I paid them little attention.

What was fascinating me more was that despite the scrap metal price being high someone had left the railway lines! You hear the news people nicking led off church roofs and yet there is lumps of iron not claimed. The pathway was muddy again as it’s been churned up by scramblers. We carefully danced across the pools of water and mud, eventually onto dry ground. As we walked away, the sound of motorbikes disappeared into the distance.


We walked more and came to the back of a housing estate. The couple of teenage girls were walking in front of us and directly behind them a group of teenage lads; which were being rather crude towards the young ladies. I cannot print the sort of things they said, there you can imagine the sort of things teenage boys say. And don’t know if it’s just kids nowadays though we never talked like sewer rats. I was brought up to treat people in a decent manner, though decency and being good in life doesn’t always give the right reward. Anyway, the two girls crossed the rail road bridge turning off the left and we turned off to the right. The young lads carried on the pathway on the other side, though from a distance away I spotted them on the bridge probably looking at those two girls.


We’ve walked up a little further and underneath another railway bridge; apparently it’s got some sort of heritage protection and prevents it from being knocked down and as such it’s been vandalised of course. During this part of walk we spotted a skylark and a couple of rats. I’m not scared of rats, even find them quite cute actually. We joined up with the canal again and started walking up the river back towards where we had come from. On the way back, a small robin flew in front of us and settled on a gatepost. We still walking and we had a little moment where the robin just stayed at us and we stared back. It was a nice moment and I said I’m not going to take a photograph today, as I know if I moved he would have flown off — so I just enjoyed the moment!


I think we come back to the car about half past four and the sun was starting to set. It was brilliant orange in colour that occasionally dazzled us on the drive home. Who cares, as it was so beautiful.

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Gentle mouse is a piece of software that reduces the number of clicks that need to be performed using a standard mouse. Some that suffer from repetitive strain often find it difficult to keep clicking mouse buttons. They find that the constant left clicking that you have to perform whilst using Windows further aggravates their condition. There are several pieces of software that attempts to reduce the number of times you have to click on something, the problem is many people with such injuries are clicking isn’t the actual cause of the pain. Often the pain is coming from the back, neck or shoulder regions and it felt down into the arms and hands. So the function of moving the mouse is actually the movement that causes the pain whilst the small amount of clicking just adds to the problem. There are of course many different injuries associated with repetitive strain, so this software may work for one person and be completely useless to another. The only way to find out is to download the demo and try it yourself a 30 days.

The software manufacturers to say on the website that it is designed for reducing the chance of developing repetitive strain rather than those that already have it. I suspect this makes some difference as if I even tried to use a mouse normally, I would be in agony for several weeks following.

Assuming your not in the same boat me and can still use the mouse, the software itself is really good and does exactly what he says on the tin. The way works is that you use the mouse pointer as normal but instead to clicking or double-clicking on something, you simply hold it hovering for an extra second or so and a context menu pops up asking which sort of click you want to perform; left single click, double-click, Middle click or right click and so on. This approach does reduce the number of clicking accident you get with many other applications which are supposed to perform the same sort of function.

The application is particularly useful for Web surfing, office work and e-mail. I knows some other people that use it for programming type activities as developing Windows type applications does often require an extreme amount of clicking thanks largely to the extremely poorly designed editors that companies force their employees to use. I think applications like Gentle mouse should be a mandatory purchase for any programmer that is spending more than a couple of hours a day clicking away. You think he won’t happen to you, you won’t get repetitive strain — I know this is rubbish because I thought like that to. I got it and I was careful.

For more details on Gentle mouse please visit their website; http://www.gentlemouse.com

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I was watching BBC’s “Click” yesterday and they did a piece on the Cebit trade fair in Hanover, Germany. A bit of technology that did catch my eye was something called “Tobii” which is a working replacement for computer mice. Instead of controlling a cursor using your hands, you use your eyes instead. Its a dead clever bit of kit as it tracks your eyes as they move around the screen and you click on something by simply BLINKING!

There’s one rather large problem with the system at the moment; its around the 10,000 quid mark! I hope this technology takes off and prices reduce as it gives some real hope to those with RSI and those that want to avoid getting it, ever!

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