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Weak Arms

I have been suffering allot to weak arms that appear to tire very quickly indeed. The aching appears to start in the upper arms and makes it way down towards the elbow. I try to sit properly, upright and I have a very ergonomically designed desk – Actually my desk is hand made specifically to my height as required. Even so, its not made a slightest of difference in terms stopping my steady decline of RSI.

I manage to work freelance by spreading the hours over 7 days, rather than 5. Even so the total I do is 30 hours a week and within that I take a 10 minute break from keyboard tasks every 20 minutes. It really breaks ones concentration and I am finding that my productively has significantly decreased. One big problem I have is that I have to be very selective in what jobs I can take on. If for example is one of these types that has deadlines where basically they demand staff to put in over time without pay – for the love of the job then this sort of environment would be detrimental to my health. I don’t mind working in any environment though the employer will need to sign a declaration that they know such working environment is bad for the health of their staff and that they will be financially responsible for losses. Not surprisingly employers won’t sign such a thing as most of them are despicable creatures that don’t care about their employee’s but only lining their pockets. Who said slavery was dead? Its alive and well in the UK today.


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