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Two Russian scientists, Irina Aref’eva and Igor Volovich have been building the most power type of atom smasher ever at CERN, the European particle physics centre near Geneva, Switzerland. Its called ‘The Large Hadron Collider’ or LHC for short.

The LHC is due to be turned on this year for testing and its theorised that as a by product of the test, it will generate a worm hole to unknown point in the future. From what I have read, Time travel into the past wouldn’t be possible before the first worm hole was opened. Thus, if the first worm hole is successfully opened this year then in the future the furthest people could travel back would be to 2008.

Opening a worm hole requires allot of energy and relies on the fact that “dark energy” really does exist, also it has the ‘special phantom property’. All of which sounds a bit vague and does seem to take many things for granted. I mean what is the special phantom property for a start that is going play a key role in this?

Well, assuming both dark energy and there is a phantom property then the LHC may create the worm hole which will exist in this time line. It will only exist now and won’t be able to connect to the future end until someone at the other end of the tunnel opens a worm hole back to 2008. I believe this is what they mean about not being able to travel any further back then when the ‘Time machine’ was first fired up. Does this mean that we would only be able to receive visitors and not visit the future ourselves?

Its being already suggested that worm holes could be used for space travel, in fact without them space travel for humans would be impractical as it would take so long to even get to the next star that we’d all die well before completing the journey. So, it seems that we are moving towards a Star-Trek wormhole technology way off in the future.

It all sounds a bit far fetched, but its absolutely true and has been covered both in the press and respected journals. See the article in the independent newspaper if you don’t believe me! lol


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I was reading new scientist today that scientists at the University of Alberta have discovered a common compound that doesn’t exist in nature called Dichloroacetate or DCA for short appears to have a substantial effect on reducing and stopping the growth of some Cancers. Its also being implied that since the drug interferes with the mechanism of how Cancer grows that it could be used for many cancers.

Dr Evangelos Michelakis who is professor at the university in the department of medicine has already published results showing dichloroacetate (DCA) causes regression in several cancers, including lung, breast and brain tumours. The drug is easy for body to absorb and is thought it could be taken orally, which means it can get to places where other drugs can’t reach; even to the brain.

DCA does not occur in nature. It is a product of the chlorination of water and is produced by the metabolism of various chlorine-containing drugs or chemicals. It is typically prepared by the reduction of trichloroacetic acid. Thus its very easy and cheap to produce on a large scale, which is something that further annoys large pharmaceutical companies since the drug is not patented and therefore they can’t make any money from it. DCA is an acid and is extremely corrosive to tissue and cells so taking it improperly can be very bad indeed.

In September 2007 of last year, Health Canada approved the first human clinical trials of DCA and I guess were are all waiting for the outcome of that; For more information check out the university website; http://www.depmed.ualberta.ca/dca/

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Its Official that you are more likely to die from a Blood Clot (DVT) sitting at your desk than on a long haul flight. Thanks to the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand who have published research whose objective was to study the relationship between those who get blood Clots and prior activities the victim was involved in.

In summary the results shown that 34% of those what had Blood clots were as a result of sitting at a desk too long without a break, whereas only 21% of clots was as result of a flight. Some of the office workers had reported that there were often seated at there desks for 3 or 4 hours at a time without getting up.

Professor Beasley said the problem was most common in the information technology industry and in call-centres. It says to me that such companies need to find new ways of working to ensure the health of their employees or face the future legal consequences.

I myself know that technology companies who for example don’t encourage healthy working. Instead workers are encouraged to worker longer and longer sitting at the desk without any breaks or micro breaks. I remember working at one company some years back where actually encouraged people to eat lunch at your desk and type with the other hand!

I am wondering if we’ll see an increase of industrial injury claim against such companies as a result. When is business going to learn that treating their employees badly does have consequences both financially and legally. Maybe the threat of company profits and share prices being affected may encourage some sort of responsibility? Yeah, I know.. probably not.

For the complete report refer to the BBC Health News web site.

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There’s a rumour flying about on the internet that you can lose weight by using caffeine. This is both true and untrue, depending on the dosage used and how its applied. Drinking loads of coffee won’t make you lose weight, it will just make you go to the toilet allot.

What scientists have found though is if you rub caffeine into your thighs then it reacts with the cellulite and helps to reduce stretch marks. Therefore, there is actually some anti-ageing properties associated with it.

Before you all start running out to buy coffee granules or worse instant in jars, you need to be aware that there’s only 2% caffeine in most coffee’s where the scientists found that 11% is needed in order to provide such beneficial affects such as thing. There are no current caffeine based products I know of out there that contains this higher level of caffeine, though I suspect there will some on the market soon. So, for those of us who worry about those stretch marks and flabby bits (including me) there may a cream on the market soon.

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Another article in the latest edition of New Scientist talks about the concept of making it possible for the male gender to make an egg and therefore give the opportunity for same sex couples to have their own children which will be made up of genetic material from both parents.

Apparently there’s a handful of labs where biologists are trying to make male cells develop into eggs and female cells into sperm. Why they should want to do this is unknown, unless its just about giving equal rights to everyone and not discriminating against those they choose to live their life in a certain way. I don’t like discrimination in any form.

I do find some of the pro-life people to be hypocrites to be honest as while they are campaigning people are dying because they have stopped or slowed down the medicines that could have saved them. There would be a sensible balance in society of what is ethical and what is not, but why should people who live their lives in a bubble where they are not the children in Africa dying of Aids or the millions around the world that suffer because of the narrow minds of the few. I have a problem with these campaigners when in fact their actions cause more pain, more death and more scenes of desperate people around the world that just want to live.

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