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The Hemlock Stone public house is situated on Bramcote Lane in the suburb of Wollaton in Nottingham (NG8 2QQ). We initially called them a couple of days before hand on 0115 9284463 to book a table as apparently its always better to book when there’s bigger parties like ourselves.

The Hemlock stone is actually located close to a roundabout on Bramcote Lane and there more than ample parking outside; even for coaches. We picked a random spot, next to a nicer car than our own. I always do this, always park next to a nicer car so that any thieves will target the other car rather than mine. I have no idea if this strategy works, I suspect not.

On entering the venue, we were greeted with an modern bar, which wasn’t that nice to be honest. I thought the layout of the bar area was just too narrow, even though they have obviously spent allot money on the d├ęcor. The restaurant part was on the other side of the bar, so you had to walk through the bar area or rather squeeze past as there wasn’t much room in the place.

We were sat just on the other side of the bar, right next to the kitchen. It was about the noisy place in the whole pub as not only did we have the shouting from the bar, but also from the kitchens and even more noise from the other dinners. If you are going for a quite night out then forget about the Hemlock Stone, but on the other hand if you like noise and not hearing yourself think, its the place for you.

I didn’t think the food was very good at all and pricey for what you got. This pub was trying hard to be a restaurant in a pub at restaurant prices of course. What was surprising is that all vegetables were counted as extra. You got a good portion of meat and potatoes, but if you wanted veg then it cost extra. You don’t really expect this in an suburban pub and it wasn’t made clear on the menu at all. It made the outing a very expensive do. I personally like wholesome feel good pub food, rather than a pub that is trying to cook posh that is miserably failing.

For the starter I have a carrot soup, which to be honest was disgusting and later on it gave me a seriously upset stomach. Its not something that I’d recommend for anyone, including my dog. The main of Pork I ordered was absolutely fantastic; the second best Pork meat I have ever tasted. The best being at another pub a mere 10 or so miles away, the three ponds just 2 miles from the M1 Motorway. For pudding I simply had ice-cream and that was pretty good, but nothing specular. The service was pretty good though and I have no complaint there. The seemed to be staffed by young adults or school children and this may be why the food was so bad.

The place was just too noisy to even hold a decent conversation and I cannot understand why I was recommended to go here. There was nothing to make me return. I would had preferred a bag of fish and chips at the local fast food joint than have another meal at the Hemlock Stone.

After returning home, later on in the evening I was suffering allot of stomach cramps and ended up sitting on the toilet for an hour. Some celebration!


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