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Back Work – Weights

I have been working allot on my posture lately and I think I am starting to see some results. I still get many symptoms associated with carpel tunnel, even though it isn’t that but there was been some improvement in the terms I am able to type a bit and use voice recognition allot less.

Today I purchased a set of fairly light dumbells from argos for £14.99 after two friends suggested that I would try now rebuilding some of the muscles. I used to do a bit of gym work prior to getting RSI several years ago and my average training weight was 50kg. The total weight of this new set was only 19.7kg and I really struggled to carry them the very short distance between the store and the car. I managed eventually having rested several times on bollards and the floor. Lifting it out of the car again was terrible, it was like it was clued to the inside of the boot. Still I managed it in the end, after sweating like a pig and throwing about some cursives.

On trying the weights, I discovered that the 3kg dumbells were about right for any muscles except my shoulder blades. Those exercises that were using the muscles around the shoulder blade then I HAD to drop to an embarrising 1.5kg weight to do my normal set of 30. When I used to go to the gym, I did a dam sight more sets than 1, but together I only could manage just the one. Still, I felt proud myself even getting this far and I was sweating allot. I felt happy that my hands were no more numb than when they started, though the only exception being my left hand was shaking and felt a bit weak.

A couple of good friends suggested that I should try using weights again. One of the friends spends his days dispensing advise to the public and so I guess he should know what hes talking about. I used to see him the gym I attended in my 20’s and we loosely stay in touch as a consequence. A week or so after another friend was telling me that her back issues improved after working with weights – but at a far more advanced level than I am.  So, I thought why not lets just try it, as long as I take it easy I don’t have that much to lose. Yes, true I could make it ten times worse, but its a chance I had decided to take. I will post updates here so you guys don’t have to cripple yourself if it doesn’t work. LOL


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The Boat House

This Saturday we did something that I consider a rarity since we all got together as a family and went out for a meal at the Boat House – a pub with a good dinning area. We go out together as a family perhaps 4 or 5 times a year. The Boat house is located next to the River Trent on the Castle Marina shopping complex a few miles from Nottingham city centre.

We arrived at the Boat House at 7:05pm but was told that our table would not be available for another 30 minutes, so we got a drink at the bar. I had my usual Guinness and I don’t remember what everyone else had. I forget how long it was until someone told us that the table was ready. We took our drinks to the table and the menus were promptly placed in front of us. Between ordering and being served there seemed to be a wait of 40 minutes, which really would had been abit of a problem if we weren’t enjoying talking to each other. It would had been a nightmare with any small children and I thank god they were not able to attend our little gathering.

For the starter I had Garlic Mushrooms, followed by Chicken Preprika with chips and a beautifully tossed salad. For sweet I opted profiteroles and ice cream. The Chicken Preprika was simply stunning and was seasoned just right so the after taste only remained for around 10 minutes after completing the meal. By the time the ice-cream arrived, the delicious heat from the previous dish vanished leaving my pallet ready for the next phase. Again, there was quite a wait for the desert and I became to worry about the staffing level both in the kitchen and the serving end. A couple of previous reviews I discovered on the Internet a couple of weeks back said similar things, but the food was faultless.

I really enjoyed my meal and the experience of the Boat House. It was a good night out.

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Typical day with RSI

I came across a very interesting post another blog called Ergomatters written by a fellow RSI suffer that describes the typical day of a person working regular hours under normal stressful conditions in the UK. I find it shocking that the employers in the UK are effectively hurting their employees in such a manner with outdated working practises.

I believe that everyone has the right to be able to do their job without pain. The work culture of sitting tied to a desk for 8 hours a day with an *optional* mandatory though strongly discouraged lunch break with an appalling designed ergonomic environment is bound to cause long term injury to their staff. This is something that is not unknown. If the employer treat the staff with such distain that they won’t make for healthy work environment then you have clearly chosen share holder profits over the health of the workforce – and they wonder why sickness rates are so high! I think the courts will become extremely busy in the UK in the future where ex-employees are sue-ing them for work related injuries caused by poor working conditions. When that happens and it is WHEN I don’t expect to hear big business bleating about it. Its not as if you guys don’t know about it.

End of Moan.

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