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We started out just after 2 p.m. into Derbyshire. On coming to the village of the strangely named “Whatstandwell”, we took a sharp right turn off the main road and parked near to the Derwent hotel in a small lay-by. There were several cars already present parked in a rather awkward position making it difficult to safety Park without ramming anybody or ending up in the canal. I wish people would have a little bit of common-sense and decency to leave their cars so that other people can park as easily as they did.

Whatstandwell is where Helen McArthur was born the famous sailor that has done many amazing feats of endurance that have won her many friends and a lot of respect from the sailing world. Her parents actually still live in the village, so I’m told.


We walked along the comfort canal, which is a very pretty walk in the autumn colours. The tow-path was covered with leaves of Brown’s and oranges, making it difficult to see the edge off the path and the dog muck which usually is very evident in these types of walks normally.

Derbyshire, especially around Comford is a popular place and there was as a result quite a few people there. It was mainly people just like us out for a walk and the obligatory dog walkers too. The wildlife was pretty thin on the ground as normally when you see lots of people and dogs you don’t see much wildlife. There was some ducks like Mallard’s and Coots, but these can be normally found peace in any public park in any city in the UK. I did know have an audience with an endangered small mammal which popped out to greet me; the water vole. It’s a very shy creature and small which makes it really difficult to take a picture of. It’s really fast too, digital cameras are really slow on the other hand!


As we followed the canal at some points you could see the river Derwent through the trees within a few metres. I love the sound of flowing water and to what you how it goes over rocks; there is so much drama involved and yet I find it so relaxing.


We came to a small hamlet called “Lea Bridge” and had to sit down. They were so many people here, all walking because he was a nice day rather than sitting at home doing very little. Families were out sitting at picnic tables enjoying themselves, dog walkers play with their charges and couples walked hand-in-hand in the sunlight. You notice a lot when you’re sitting still and really take your time to look around you. Near Lea Bridge there was this abandoned Locke keepers cottage (see above) which was fast becoming part of the woodland. Nature always reclaims land from humans!

Time is getting on, so we walked back along the canal along the leafy tow-path on the edge of some woodland. There are so many wonderful views in such a small area in Derbyshire. I enjoyed my walk though I was extremely tired and I suspect I will be sleeping very shortly.



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Is Food related to RSI?

I think a really important aspect of my repetitive strain injury has been the daily issues I have been getting from my spine. The pain appears to be mostly the upper part of the spine, but at times I am getting problems in the lower part which is more notice-able as its different. The lower back pain affects me more whilst washing my hair in the mornings or showering where I have to bend a little.  No I can’t move the shower head up as then it makes the water drop to high and it goes all over the place.

Since I have been getting all this back pain I have been trying to diet in the hope that this would help to take some of the pressure off my poor back. My diet is pretty good any way, though I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. I eventually stumbled on an interesting diet called “The Banana diet” which was a little ebook I got for less than a fiver. Since I love banana’s any how, I thought it would be worth a punt.

I’ve already seen some improvements after a month and I feel different in some sense; maybe that’s just a placebo I don’t know. But, yesterday for example despite waking up with the usual pain for the first time in along time I was able to bounce up at 6:45am and I proceeded to do a load of yard work and felt really good. By the end of the day I had no pain, other than the usual tiredness.

My question to myself has been that maybe I should had been doing this years ago. Perhaps I have been thinking about tackling repetitive strain totally from the wrong angle. Perhaps treating a cause further down the chain so to speak (diet and food) would decrease my stress and therefore aid my bodily repair. Its pretty well known some foods contain chemicals that alter mood and so it makes sense to me If what we eat calms us then this only can be good for our stressed bodies.

The diet though is a bit bizarre in its construction which always appeals to me (being strange) and has worked for me. I’m usually quite scientific when it comes to dieting, but this time I deliberately didn’t over analyse it. You know for once I just thought, I’m not going to waste time over analysing something and just try it for myself.

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