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Enta.net is a wholesale broadband provider that does not directly sell to the public, instead they use resellers to promote their services and provide basic support. Some reseller of Enta services include; Aquiss, ADSL24
UKFSN , Freeola, Titan, Valiant Internet, Norfolk Internet, Seriously Internet, Vivaciti Broadband, Blue Shift Internet, CHC Solutions and lots of others too.

I’ve been suffering from a lot of down time since my Internet provider Enta.net connections has been having serious issues since “upgrading” to a cheaper platform called IP Stream that BT owns. There has been prolonged outages once a week for the past 3 weeks. Each outage has been in excess of 12 hours per incident. Prior to changing to IP Stream Enta.net hardly saw any outages at all and those that occurred were mainly less than 2-3 hours tops.

The main problem Enta currently is that they have not put any back-up links in places and thus theres a single connection linking everything to together. This means if there’s a single optical cable cut then thousands of Internet customers lose their entire service for half a day at a time. The whole purpose of the Internet is that it should be able to adapt and not be tied to vulnerable to a single cut in a line. This means that Enta can be brought to its knees currently with a single cable break, 92,000 customers can lose their connection because Enta is too cheap to install the back up systems.

You cannot blame BT for the problem since its BT that recommend back-ups are put into to place before moving active customers on to IP Stream. I am staggered by my ISP’s complete incompetence and mismanagement since moving to the new platform.

I did something that I not done for along time. I rang up to complain because 3 times in 3 weeks and it being the same cable is just unacceptable. Its not the resellers fault, but for the fact they were able to supply any further information is concerning. It appears Enta are not being very forthcoming to their own suppliers.

What happened to once a great ISP? Enta is making a very bad name for itself and are flushing away all the good will they have built up over the past 3 years. I currently cannot recommend any Enta supplied ISP and I am myself looking into an alternative supplier.

I don’t download a great deal, though I enjoy to watch TV on-line sometimes, but sometimes I do work in the evenings on line. Without a reliable net connection I’m pretty much stranded.

I feel that the poor service of Enta has forced my hand into requesting a MAC code, though I currently have no idea what other ISP to move to in the same price range. I am looking for 20-30gig per month for less than £20 per month with UK based support. I’ve had my fair share of talking to pointless foreign call center and its just not worth the stress!

Its a shame Enta.net has chosen to abandom its customers like this. Its very disappointing.


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RSI Update

I have to say that I do still suffer from repetitive strain type symptoms though its not an every day occurrence. I’m still doing daily exercises, taking my supplements and resting more. I have to rigidly stick to not using the computer more than 30 hours per week, which in some way has been good for me. It certainly makes you waste less time and concentrate the mind in being more productive.

I do still suffer from numb hands, pains and weakness in the arms. Strength has improved though some to my surprise last week I was able to lift half a kettle of water with only minimal discomfort. It was a really great feeling to be able to do just that.

I think the majority of my problem appear to come from the area of the spine between the shoulder blades. I believe its related to allowing my shoulders to roll forward which over a longer period of time is putting excess tension and pain. I do think that because that area is inflamed that this might be pinching on some nerves causing the numbness. In fact I am going to have to stop typing now because of it… I’m sorry to say, there’s no such thing as being cured.. you only can hope to learn to manage it and avoid discomfort.

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Last night we went for a meal at the Waltons Hotel, Bar and Restaurant located in the Park in Nottingham.  The lifts arrived late which meant we got to the hotel dead on the dot, meaning that there wasn’t any time to spend any money in the bar area. Hotels tend to like you to arrive earlier or to keep you waiting so that you buy drinks at the bar first; naturally such extra drinks are more expensive than most other places.

The interior of the hotel was very well done with nice wood panelling and neutrally decorated. The restaurant itself is a proper white table cloth one, dimly lit but not too dark where you cannot see the food. The light can be a problem if you intend to take any photographs with a compact camera as the batteries took forever to charge between shots.

For starters I had a Bacon and Chicken salad, followed by Lamb Shank and finally for desert a very delicious Vanilla crème brulee with raspberry sorbet. The speed that we were served was quick, though we were finding that we weren’t all receiving our food at the same time. There were a dozen of us and I think this may had caused an issue in the kitchens. The food delivery from  the waiters were fault bar a couple of items, which was soon put right.

The quality of the food was superb as was the wine which went perfectly with the meal. The Waltons is not a budget location and so expect big plates and little portions in the middle. Still after 3 courses, you are filling very full. I could had not eaten a single thing. The prices are very reasonable.

The only real negative thing I’d have to say is that I felt a little rushed because their car park closed at 11pm meaning that the drivers were constantly clock watching.  The road-ways around the hotel where you can park were full of cars and you needed a permit to park there from hotel reception.  I would recommended getting a Taxi if you want to have a non-rushed evening.

I would had liked to spent longer in the bar after the meal, but by the time we have finished eating it was 10:40pm and we were heading out of the car park at 10:50pm, just ten minutes before curfew. It would be far better if the hotel if the car parking closure time were more flexible and so I would be able to comment further on the bars.

Over all I highly recommend the Hotel and I will be certainly be returning again.

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