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I decided to stay with Enta.net, my current ISP since I could not find anyone else that could offer a reasonable amount of bandwidth under £20 a month. I use the internet during peak times, working at home on my writing and promoting websites on commission. I don’t have allot of need for out of hours bandwidth and I never download many big files, with the exception of the occasional Linux distribution!

There are some cheaper deals available on paper, but their reviews are appalling and customer support is dreadful. Any ISP that has support outside the UK or use non-geographic number are rejected automatically on principle. For an ISP you expect the support to be at least on the same sector of the globe, or at least I do any way.

I have noticed some additional slow downs with Enta.net especially when watching Youtube clips and the BBC Iplayer. I went through a period of watching Doctor Who repeats on the Iplayer, but I had to give up in the end as connection wasn’t stable enough during those peak times.

Another factor is that I just didn’t want to have the hassle of having to change things. Its easier to just to keep things as they are, even if they are not as perfect as they used to be. Enta is more stable now than it was, but not as fast in my opinion. If you are a heavy downloader than I would avoid them for certain!


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