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Getting Diagnosed

Its been a long time since I updated this blog. Having given up totally with ever getting any sort of answer from my GP I thought what’s the point of continuing complaining to my doctor who must had thought I was making it up.

It was roughly 18 months ago I went to see the GP with abdominal pains under the lower left ribs and it was found my liver was inflamed probably due to taking pain management drugs for years. Only a small dosage but almost every day to deal with the discomfort from the repetitive strain injury. At that time I thought my GP was being quite good as I had blood tests and scans, all shown nothing and then his interest quickly diminished despite the other numerous symptoms I was developing such as eye problems, dry inflamed skin, digestive issues, headaches and suddenly becoming lactose intolerant over 30 years of being a milk addict. I saw all three doctors in the practise who weren’t interested and insisted I had all the blood tests available to them. Later I found out this wasn’t true and their medical incompetence means I wasn’t diagnosed for another year.

Earlier this year I filled in an online form to move to another practice. Firstly I did it in a daze not realising that just filling in the form online would move me. Anyway I am glad I was moved as the new doctor on the very first visit took note of my symptoms and ordered an array of blood tests including ones not done by the previous doctor; vitamin D and complete Hormone panel. This shown some very wild numbers (low T numbers & widely high others)  and I was quickly referred to a local Encrinology clinic where I was given more blood tests and most importantly a bone density scan; a DEXA scan. The bone scan came back showing my T levels where low in the bones too and it shown I was actually suffering from osteoporosis rather than repetitive strain injury caused by a genetic syndrome that I was born with. If left untreated it develops into things like osteoporosis and worse since my body wasn’t producing enough testosterone.

What annoys me is that my original doctor had 20 years to diagnose me with what consultants have stated as “marked” symptoms – an other words bloody obvious ones and its not even that rare, something like 1:1000 suffer from the same genetic condition itself. Yet with 3 months of being with the new practise I had a clear diagnosis and started treatment. Treatment that just involves taking testosterone every day. Hardly hi-tech! This won’t cure the existing damage but will slow down its progression quite a bit. If I had diagnosed sooner then I wouldn’t have osteoporosis now.

My previous GP at best I think of as incompetent and at worse should be struck off. They were the sort of doctors that were more interested in doing charity work and going on holidays 6 times a year at the tax payers expense rather than treating their patients properly. The government are constantly going after those that are disabled or sick, where as rogue doctors that extract more from the public purse just get away with poor diagnostic results and a pat on the back. I would love to say bad doctors are a rarity but I just have any evidence to support that statement. What this does prove though is changing doctors is the best thing to do if you can’t get any answers. I wish I did so years ago!

So my advice to anyone. Ask your GP to do a full hormone panel and check for vitamin D, Calcium to exclude bone problems.  The doctor will be reluctant to offer a hormone test as it costs more than standard tests but if you have bone issues then that’s the spread of tests needed to identify the problem.

I do wonder if my original doctors reluctance was inspired by saving money or just plain incompetence. Either way it doesn’t show them in a very good light as so called professional people looking after the health of the local community.


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