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I decided to stay with Enta.net, my current ISP since I could not find anyone else that could offer a reasonable amount of bandwidth under £20 a month. I use the internet during peak times, working at home on my writing and promoting websites on commission. I don’t have allot of need for out of hours bandwidth and I never download many big files, with the exception of the occasional Linux distribution!

There are some cheaper deals available on paper, but their reviews are appalling and customer support is dreadful. Any ISP that has support outside the UK or use non-geographic number are rejected automatically on principle. For an ISP you expect the support to be at least on the same sector of the globe, or at least I do any way.

I have noticed some additional slow downs with Enta.net especially when watching Youtube clips and the BBC Iplayer. I went through a period of watching Doctor Who repeats on the Iplayer, but I had to give up in the end as connection wasn’t stable enough during those peak times.

Another factor is that I just didn’t want to have the hassle of having to change things. Its easier to just to keep things as they are, even if they are not as perfect as they used to be. Enta is more stable now than it was, but not as fast in my opinion. If you are a heavy downloader than I would avoid them for certain!


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Enta.net is a wholesale broadband provider that does not directly sell to the public, instead they use resellers to promote their services and provide basic support. Some reseller of Enta services include; Aquiss, ADSL24
UKFSN , Freeola, Titan, Valiant Internet, Norfolk Internet, Seriously Internet, Vivaciti Broadband, Blue Shift Internet, CHC Solutions and lots of others too.

I’ve been suffering from a lot of down time since my Internet provider Enta.net connections has been having serious issues since “upgrading” to a cheaper platform called IP Stream that BT owns. There has been prolonged outages once a week for the past 3 weeks. Each outage has been in excess of 12 hours per incident. Prior to changing to IP Stream Enta.net hardly saw any outages at all and those that occurred were mainly less than 2-3 hours tops.

The main problem Enta currently is that they have not put any back-up links in places and thus theres a single connection linking everything to together. This means if there’s a single optical cable cut then thousands of Internet customers lose their entire service for half a day at a time. The whole purpose of the Internet is that it should be able to adapt and not be tied to vulnerable to a single cut in a line. This means that Enta can be brought to its knees currently with a single cable break, 92,000 customers can lose their connection because Enta is too cheap to install the back up systems.

You cannot blame BT for the problem since its BT that recommend back-ups are put into to place before moving active customers on to IP Stream. I am staggered by my ISP’s complete incompetence and mismanagement since moving to the new platform.

I did something that I not done for along time. I rang up to complain because 3 times in 3 weeks and it being the same cable is just unacceptable. Its not the resellers fault, but for the fact they were able to supply any further information is concerning. It appears Enta are not being very forthcoming to their own suppliers.

What happened to once a great ISP? Enta is making a very bad name for itself and are flushing away all the good will they have built up over the past 3 years. I currently cannot recommend any Enta supplied ISP and I am myself looking into an alternative supplier.

I don’t download a great deal, though I enjoy to watch TV on-line sometimes, but sometimes I do work in the evenings on line. Without a reliable net connection I’m pretty much stranded.

I feel that the poor service of Enta has forced my hand into requesting a MAC code, though I currently have no idea what other ISP to move to in the same price range. I am looking for 20-30gig per month for less than £20 per month with UK based support. I’ve had my fair share of talking to pointless foreign call center and its just not worth the stress!

Its a shame Enta.net has chosen to abandom its customers like this. Its very disappointing.

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You can’t image how embarrassed I am in actually forgetting my Kaspersky Internet Security 7 password. You can’t just un-install the application and re-install it like with many other anti-virus applications as it will also ask for this same password again. This is a good idea for most people, but there are going to be times where people have either forgot their password or have bought a second hand computer with the software already installed.

I fell into the “Oh my god, I have forgotten my password again” criteria. I looked on the internet with a heavy heart as I read that you couldn’t just un-install the software and I was starting to think the only way I would recover my password (not really recover) was to format the hard drive and re-install everything. You cannot believe how much I was groaning inside with the thought of doing this yet again. Don’t get me wrong, installing windows is really straight forward to other operating systems, but it just not something you want to do on your Sunday afternoon when you are suppose to be taking it easy!

After much searching I managed to put together a work around that worked for Version 7:

* Disconnect your PC from the Internet or alternatively switch the router off.
* Reboot into “Safe Mode” by pressing F8 at the start.
* Once loaded to the desktop, navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0’ folder.
* Rename the file ‘avp.exe’ to ‘temp.exe’
* Restart the PC and let it boot as normal.
* Run the renamed file ‘temp.exe’
* Open the main application window and click on the settings link.
* From left hand side select the ‘Services’ option.
* Remove the tick from both the ‘Enable Self Defence’ and ‘Enable Password Protection’ Options
* Click on the OK button.

You’ll notice that Kaspersky didn’t prompt you for your password, which leaves you now free to create a new one.

* Close the window and then Exit from the program (right click in the taskbar).
* Go back to the ‘C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0’ folder and rename ‘temp.exe’ back to ‘avp.exe’
* Run ‘avp.exe’ by clicking on it.
* Click on the settings link and then into ‘Services’.
* Tick both the ‘Enable Self Defence’ and ‘Enable Password Protection’ options.
* In the box next to the ‘Enable Password Protection’ option, go to ‘Settings’
* Enter a new Password and confirm it by entering again.
* Click OK button
* Reboot the PC and connect back onto the internet.

Now please write down your passwords in a little booklet and store in a safe place!

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Last week I had to reformat and re-install windows, which also meant me installing the very latest edition of the email client Thunderbird Ever since the new install, the spell checker has no been working and I have tried all the simple fixes like manually installing the dictionary again from the Add-ons panel. This didn’t work. Apparently in newer versions Thunderbird moved the location of the dictionary folder and so when you install Thunderbird this folder isn’t being created and thus the dictionary cannot be installed. Why the creators of Thunderbird haven’t fixed this in a mystery.

Anyway to fix this particular issue:

1. Install the Dictionary fix; http://journal.mozdev.org/dictfix.html
(will need to restart Thunderbird)

2. Download (Save As) to desktop the dictionary file:

3. Install the dictionary definition from within Thunderbird from the Tools > Install Dictionary menu option. You simply select the dictionary definition from your desktop and restart the client.

This should solve the problem, though you might discover that the Dictionary Fix script has also turned off the Add-ons panel. I’m not sure how important this is since I don’t use any more Add-ons. Perhaps someone else can test this!

For more information see; http://kb.mozillazine.org/Dictionaries

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