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I decided to stay with Enta.net, my current ISP since I could not find anyone else that could offer a reasonable amount of bandwidth under £20 a month. I use the internet during peak times, working at home on my writing and promoting websites on commission. I don’t have allot of need for out of hours bandwidth and I never download many big files, with the exception of the occasional Linux distribution!

There are some cheaper deals available on paper, but their reviews are appalling and customer support is dreadful. Any ISP that has support outside the UK or use non-geographic number are rejected automatically on principle. For an ISP you expect the support to be at least on the same sector of the globe, or at least I do any way.

I have noticed some additional slow downs with Enta.net especially when watching Youtube clips and the BBC Iplayer. I went through a period of watching Doctor Who repeats on the Iplayer, but I had to give up in the end as connection wasn’t stable enough during those peak times.

Another factor is that I just didn’t want to have the hassle of having to change things. Its easier to just to keep things as they are, even if they are not as perfect as they used to be. Enta is more stable now than it was, but not as fast in my opinion. If you are a heavy downloader than I would avoid them for certain!


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186K, Tiscali Fall Out

I had an interesting comment on my previous EFH Update post from Fiona about her experiences with my previous ISP. I find it fascinating that despite the huge customer feedback some companies appear to never learn. Tiscali who supplies the network to 186K companies have had a fall out and hundreds of 186K customers have been cut off without warning:
(Ref:  Consumer Action Group)

The rumour is that 186K has gone into administration and since they failed to settle payments with Tiscali then they had little choice but to terminate connections. 186K have already set up another company but using a BT platform and are trying to move customers over to it.

I am quite old fashioned in the respect I wouldn’t dream of selling a product to a customer that I didn’t believe it was not good. Some UK Broadband providers know though they are selling rubbish and you really can’t blame BT either for the platform as its the ISP’s that are responsible for its management. So pick your next ISP with care. Pick an ISP that admits sometimes they have faults!

I hear allot of complaints about Tiscali which ISP’s like 186K use because the wholesale price is cheaper to them. Tiscali  use their own core network rather than the platform supplied by BT;  “IP Stream” which  allows them to individually control how much resources are available down to city level. In theory in terms of management of resources it should give customers improved stability since and the fact that most ISP’s suffer from slowness on Tiscali is purely down their network.

IP Stream in itself does generate more complaints to ISP’s because it requires more hands on management from the ISP rather than just leaving it. So, if you ISP says stuff like its BT’s fault, its their IP Stream network then it might be instead they just don’t know how to manage it properly.

I would change ISP’s if their didn’t know how to managed their own product. If I am paying a company for their product, I would had thought the very least you should be able to expect is for them to actually know about their own product?

As for 186K, I have moved on though for historical reasons its sometimes interesting to report the latest going on’s, especially something juicey like this. The Battle between Tiscali and 186K is beginning. I wonder who will be the victor, certainly not any of the customers. I’m so glad I got away from these companies when I did. Phew!

186K does have multiple companies and brand names associated with it, though I don’t have the motivation to research all this again. If you want to find out more I would contact companies house and do a search, plus also use credit agency data which you can pay for access to. All this information is available to the enterprising researcher or writer. Good Luck.

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Despite having left their custom it must be over a year ago, I still seem to be on EFH Broadband’s mailing list, as I received an news update saying that they were about to move their customer support for a freephone UK location. So, has EFH actually seen sense and taken note of all the complaints about their completely useless foreign call centres? Time will tell I suppose.

Dear EFH Broadband Customer,

Over the past months we have been making significant improvements to our business, these improvements have been in line with the feedback we have received from the most important people…. YOU, our customers!

You have asked for a UK based customer call centre for your all your support…… and we are delighted to inform you that today we have launched our new customer support based… in the UK. This support desk is designed to assist you with all your queries and questions, from upgrading your broadband service through to technical questions, our team of experienced technicians are trained and on hand to help you!

This exciting and welcomed improvement is the one of many we will make over the coming months and as we value each and every one of our customers we look forward to continuing to listen and to servicing your ongoing needs.

As you would expect as a result of this change your support number has now changed, you will need to keep the following number in a safe place, as you will need this to contact us:

This number is 0808 156 4776.

The support lines are open as follows:
Monday to Fri 9am till 7pm
Saturday 9am till 2pm

We feel sure that you will be extremely happy with this change and urge you to stay updated as to what other changes are due, please feel free to log into http://www.efhbroadband.com

We thank you for your valued custom and we wish you all a very happy new year.

Best regards,

The UK Based support team.

Well that’s over a year to late for me, and it certainly won’t be an ISP I’ll be rejoining any time soon.

I’m not certain, but I think some of my EFH topics have ruffled a few feathers, as I received a negative personal comment from an Idesta Office Solutions IP address (Idesta is owned by 186K) in connection to the EFH Broadband Morons post. I think it was a comment from a grown up though it could had easily been from a child or someone with a reduced mental capacity. I don’t really care.. but it was really funny.. LOL

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The old host for the EFH Rebels message board has closed all his forums as unsuprisingly the advertising revenue wasn’t covering the hosting costs. So, ”xeboards.com” is no longer functioning at all. Steve has set up a free forum else where at: http://efhrebels2.30.forumer.com

The EFH Rebels forum isn’t just restricted to EFH support but is a great place general broadband advise. Its normally one of the first places I go to ask people about any Broadband problems. Since joining ADSL24, luckily theres not been many of those. Still over the past week I have been suffering from various outages and slow speeds. Overall though, ADSL24 is far superior to EFH Broadband in every respect.

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I don’t believe the email I just got from EFH/186K a couple of minutes ago. Basically, it looks like they are not aware that I have left them 6 months ago and are treating my as an existing customer. What do you have to do get through to them you don’t want there crappy broadband; move house, change identity or perhaps death. Though, I suspect even in death they’ll try to collect payments for a service they don’t provide from some unsustecting relative that doesn’t have a clue what is going on.

The letter I got:

Dear EFH Broadband Customer, As part of our ongoing improvements we are delighted to introduce you to “Medusa” your new account portal, where you can manage your account. Medusa replaces the system you may have been using to date, known as Helm. To access your new portal, you will need to visit the below web page: http://signup.efhbroadband.net/admin Medusa is a total self management platform from which you can create, control, and purchase all your internet services, as well as review invoices and make payment. We have already created an account for you using your current username from Helm (your username beginning with EFH, HBB, or UKGN) however your password has changed. To apply for your new password please use the below link: http://signup.efhbroadband.net/client/passwd_remind.cgi

>From today, Medusa is set to automatically email invoices directly to you, so please ensure your details are correct in the system, to avoid any disruption to your service. The email address invoices will be sent from is accounts@efhbroadband.com.

Invoices will be raised 28 days before payment is due, however if an invoice was previously raised within the last 25 days on Helm, Medusa will collect the payment as agreed on that invoice. For instance, if you received an invoice 24 days ago to make payment tomorrow, then Medusa will take payment tomorrow. If you previously registered your credit card details with us, we will continue to take payment in the same way as you are used to. If we don.t have your credit card details, or they have expired, you will be directed to a web page automatically next time you connect to the internet to make payment via our trusted payment mechanism called ‘WorldPay’. For more information on WorldPay, please visit their web site at http://www.worldpay.com/shopper/

Any historic debt which may have been outstanding in Helm has also been moved into Medusa. We will need any outstanding balance to be paid and we will be asking that this is cleared in the next few days. Instructions of how to do this will be displayed next time you attempt to connect to the internet. In addition to your orders and invoicing, your email and web accounts will also be moved across in the next few days. All of your existing settings for mail and web access remain the same, however please note if you currently connect to the POP3 mailserver to collect your mail using an IP address (example:, you should change this to use the hostname mail.efhmail.com. This will ensure your service continues normally if it becomes necessary to make any further changes in the future.

Finally, if you have any billing of technical problems, please call our support desk on 0808 156 4776. Best Regards, The EFH Broadband Team.

I rang the freephone support number that was answered by an guy with a really strong Indian accent. I really couldn’t understand a word.. and anyway, basically he told me to email support@186k.co.uk ~ What is the fuck the point of having telephone support if they can’t actually do anything. So, anyway I wrote a quick email to them:

I don’t have an account with EFH Broadband. I left the company last February and as you know full well. I have migrated away to Entranet around 6 months ago. My account was successfully closed by a member of your accounting staff long ago. So why did I get this email?

Please remove my email address from your Database and all my contact details. I do not wish to be contacted again by your company, since *I do not have an account with you*.

Do you think I mentioned that I don’t have an account with them enough times? This company are bleeding idiots and its a mystery to me why this bunch of cowboys are still trading.

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I’ve discovered that indeed Idesta Solutions which is located at ‘197 North Street’ is own by “Dominic Marrocco” too. Idesta provides hand-held computer systems to customers like BSkyB and appears to be some sort of consultancy too. Its pretty much conclusive that 195-197 is a drop address for allot of companies and not just for Dominic’s who has a home up the road in Rawdon (Leeds). You won’t find him there very often as hes spends much of his time state-side in vegas.

Other 186K owned companies that were found at “195-197 NORTH STREET” are:

Firstnet Services; who were Dominics first ISP, I think.
Real Poptel; Front/brand for 186K
Connectfree limited; Front/brand for 186K

There are also several other companies that are not related to 186K too, such as:

Max Games (Northwood House 195 North Street)
Inventrix (Northwood House)
Magic Wasted Housing Ltd (195 North Street)
Pipex Communications Business Solutions Ltd (195 North Street)
Vidgital Ltd (195 North Street)
Data Centre Holdings Uk Ltd (195 North Street)
Interrior Angels Ltd (195 North Street)

Thats allot of businesses in a relatively small area. If all these companies have real offices at this address then they must be packed in like cattle!

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The 186/EFH connection is back again. I did email support@efhbroadband.com from my Fast4 connection yesterday, which as of yet theres been no reply to other than the auto-responder ticket number bot. It seems you are a very lucky person indeed if you get any sort of response. Anyway, I aint going to moan too much as i’ll be away to ADSL24 in the 14th!

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