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Today I went for a walk down the old Grantham canal. We parked up just on the other side of Cotgrave; a small village just to the south of Nottingham. The canal area has gone into ruin due to the lack of investment, even though there had been plans to restore the waterways in the area for local boating.

locke gates

Next to the canal itself there are now laid pathways on one side where we mostly walked. It was firm under foot and not muddy. This is highly unusual for our walks. If I don’t come home caked in mud then I just don’t feel right (sarcasm). On the opposite bank it had been partly laid too and there was other unofficial pathways which didn’t entirely join up. Still, it was possible to do sort of a circular route with a bit of imagination.

Views were a bit restrictive as tree and bushes grew high and there were no hills. There was though the occasional fisherman, which interestingly looked like he is disabled as next to him was one of those electric cars. He sat quietly drinking his tea looking into space and enjoying the sunshine. I can’t think there’s many fish living in the canal to catch, but I know fishing is not always about catching them – Its about having an excuse to be outside somewhere else other than home. The pathway seem to be popular with cyclists and dog walkers too.

There was a fair bit of wildlife; You had to dance over the slugs that littered the pathways, You really don’t want to tread on a slug (messy). You could hear Yellow hammers chirping in the trees, who have a call not to dis-similar to “a little a little bit of cheese” and the old squeak of rabbits too. I walked past one hedge row and something shreaked at me and I think they was a rabbit too. It didn’t half make me jump. There was the usual bemused cows in the field, that always are so very co-operative when taking pictures.

Canal Bed

Soon we hit some of the disused part of the canal, which by comparison seemed dead, though it wasn’t. As you see from the photograph, there’s no water and trees have taken over the canal from this point onwards.

The walk was uneventful other than some young idiots that were riding bikes and possibly looking for trouble. They said hello to us and then made an unpleasant comment. 5 minutes down the track we saw chocolate wrappers scattered all over the pathway and silver foil in the water. These kids are clearly morons and have no respect for their environment or the wildlife. It makes me angry seeing such disrespect. Young people say they want respect, but do they give it? Do they hell.

Other the young dimwit litter louts, it was a very pleasant afternoon with a round trip of roughly 8 miles from Cotgrave to Cropwell Bishop and back. My legs hurt quite a bit Saturday night and I slept rather well too.


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