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Today we only went for a short walk from Bulwell, past the Hucknall Aerodrome and continuing on criss-crossing the motorway several times. Its a good walk but not very challenging.

This weekend the Aerodrome was having some sort of air show, though unlike other years, the planes were parked at the far end of the field, meaning that I was unable to take any pictures from the side. I think the organisers must had done that on purpose to discourage people enjoying the planes for free.

A little way past Bulwell park itself is a stables and a small selection of houses at the end of a long drive way with a cattle gate at the end. The owners of the land were closing the gate and refusing access because of all the cars that were trying to park on their property for free.

Just as we were approaching the closed gate an unmarked police car with two uniformed officers drew close next to us. They wanted to turn their car around and wanted me to open the gate. I said to the gentlemen that they wanted to turn around and that they were policemen, but the angry man just didn’t seem to be listening and said “No they are not coming in here!” – Okay I thought and tried to tell him again who they were, but still he wasn’t listening. Hmmm

Then I asked whether we could come in as we wanted to use the public footpath. He said no and told us to use the public footpath gate which they had put a piece of barb wire on it holding it shut. If anyone even tried to open that gate they would end up in hospital sue-ing the bleeding idiot that put rusty barb wire on a gate post, just perfect to shred a child’s hand.

The angry guy’s face was a picture when the policeman got out of the car and was told to open the gate. Funny enough on our return journey past here the gates were wide open.

We walked past onto the footpath going towards hucknall and it was around here where I was able to take a couple of pictures of the aircraft in the display since they were using the location as a way point.

The shot below is a Hurricane:


And my favourite world war 2 plane is the spitfire and I was lucky enough to take this shot from almost the same position:


Both pictures are quite small since they were taken with a standard digital camera with only a 4 x optimal zoom and obviously being aircraft they were quite high up. The shots were taken at maximum resolution and then heavily cropped and sharpened when I got home using Paintshop Pro that I think I must have had for 8 or 9 years and it still does its job!

I did take some other shots of planes doing stunts expelling smoke but none of those pictures worked very well and just looked like a smoke with a few dots where the planes were! Perhaps I should had gone to the actual air show.

I enjoy these sorts of walks where different things happen like being buzzed by a spitfire. That doesn’t happen to me very often.


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