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CT CreamFor the past week and half I have been trialling an anti-inflammatory hand cream import from the United States. Its called “CT Cream” and its am herbal formulation for discomfort associated with Carpel tunnel syndrome, repetitive muscle strain and tennis tennis elbow. Its distributed by ‘WL Laboratories’, Huntington Beach, California.

In the US this cream retails for about $6-$10 per pot and postage is normally around the $35 mark since most companies use UPS for international work. UPS are very good, but are very expensive if you are only buying a small number of low value items. I was lucky as I found a UK trader on e-bay that had appeared to import a job lot of this himself. He was making a healthy mark-up as each pot now cost £12.95, plus £2 postage; which still works out cheaper than buying direct from the United States.

CT Cream - Lardish

The cream itself is white, with a slight minty odour to it. Its not unpleasant, but odourless would had been better, especially if you are applying it in a work situation. The texture of the cream is thicker than most standard hand creams in the UK and I found it takes quite a bit of rubbing for the skin to absorb it totally.

Its ingredient are: Di Water, Arnica extract, PEG-6, Choline Bitartrate, Cetyl alcohol, Stearic acid, isopropyl myristrate, Glycerl stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Pyridoxine hydrichloride, Oleic acid, Sortbitol 70%, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethancol, Camphor, Methylparaben, Proplparaben and Peppermint oil. – I’m not familiar with most of those ingredients and I would welcome any comments from any budding chemists.

Personally, I am not entirely convinced that the cream does anything at all. It doesn’t even do a very good job as a hand cream as it leaves your skin with this leathery look and its strange to touch as the cream isn’t absorbed properly. Perhaps the only benefit from using this cream was that it gave me something to use to massage my hands with; but a similar effect could had been achieved with a block of lard at a fraction of the cost.

CT Cream does appear under the unbrella of being a natural remedy, which often means you have to take it for along time before you see any benefits. What I find bizarre about this is that printed on the jar it does say ‘if condition worsens or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and re-appear after a few days, then discontinue using this product and consult a physician.’ When i see disclaimers like that, it makes me suspicious as they are saying on the one hand its a natural remedy and on the other hand if it hasn’t worked in 7 days then its not the creams fault. Thus, it probably doesn’t work at all and this would explain why it doesn’t have a license in the UK.

Would I buy it again: NO!
Alternative Products: Lard


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Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Support

I bought this thing from Magnetic theraphy in the UK and I can without doubt say its a complete waste of money. It is totally useless in the fact it is extremely poorly designed and gives absolutely no benefit what so ever.

Prior to purchasing the item I rang the company and ask them how it worked. The explanation went along the lines of “Well you got electricity in your body and the magnetism interferes with that”. After trying this item I can say without any doubt that it doesn’t work at all. My guess is that Magnetic theraphy works for some people thanks to largely the placebo effect – Ie, if you believe something is working hard enough then it will do for a short amount of time.

Magnetic Support

To put on this support, you place your thumb through the little hole, wrapping the rest of the strap around your hand diagonally and around the wrist. Its a particularly poor design as you have to wrap it so tightly for it to stay in one place that it is extremely uncomfortable to wear (unless you wear it on top of a support bandage).

Carpel Tunnel Support

During testing of this product I found that the magnets themselves had no direct contact with the painful areas (how ever you wore it), the thumb hole portion kept catching on things and pulling the strap loose. If though you wrapped the strap tightly then this would not happen, but you will also suffer long term damage if you did this. I believe in the literature it warns about wearing it too tightly to cover themselves.

Support Trap Design Problem

One really annoying design issue with this product is that they have placed a tag right next to the velcro closer. When you are struggling with numb hands, the tag often flaps in the way and stops you from securing the strap properly. Another claim from Magnetic theraphy is that theres a special method of holding the magnets in place. Its not special, its just the magnets in sacks that have been sewed to the strap. This isn’t special!

Magnet Sack sewed

Would I buy this again: No

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