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Today I went for a quick walk down to Beeston Weir and along the Trent towards where Boots and turning down to where Clifton Bridge is by the Trent. Some parts of the walk is right next to the River using both official footpaths and fishermen trails. Just after reaching Boots, we turn off back towards the Trent up a tarmac road next to a amateur football club. Looking up this road, as the sun is setting I always gets a good picture:


Eventually this road lead back to underneath Clifton Bridge which crosses the Trent. From this point on, we walked up stream and passing the back of the football Club. Actually whilst looking back I spotted a strange cloud formation – Virtual cloud is something I haven’t seen to often.


I would what causes this? Is it exhaust from an aeroplane?

Anyway, we followed the trail back along the River until we reached Beeston Weir again before heading back to the Car. We arrived back home at a reasonable time and amazingly dry for once. I normally get wet every week in the winter if truth be told as my shoes leak slightly. I hope Santa brings me some walking shoes this year!


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