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RSI Is hell

Today I woke up in a lot of pain, which has not abated yet despite getting towards the end of the working day. Not that I’m actually working at the moment, but I want to be if all goes well. I would like to do some freelancing work though I have not started yet. I am waiting to find out from the employer more specific details and a start date before I can possibly proceed.

The history is that I tried to start back in almost full time employment with a local company working at their premises, but for various health related reasons which was making some aspects of the work extremely painful, we muturally agreed that I should leave and move to a freelancing basis; working partly from home and occassionally on site. Working from home would suit me since I will be able to spread the workload over a longer period and use my extremely modified work station.

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to sort out what insurances and responsibilities I will have been a freelance tax status. Freelancing in the information technology sector is not as simple as just turning up to do the work as there is IR 35 to consider for every job you do. Bizarrely, I would be more exposed to IR35 as a limited company working with a single client than a freelancer in the same position. The Inland Revenue has assured me that the IR35 regulations won’t apply to me and thus I should be able to avoid such complications. IR35 was set up to combat people that worked for a single client via a limited company and then to avoid tax they paid themselves largely using dividends. If you have more than one client at a time then a limited company is the best way to go. There is though very little tax advantage or purpose that this for me.

I have been looking at a number of different insurance companies to and it’s surprising the range of services and prices available on the marketplace. Some of them are so highly priced that it would be almost completely possible to start up as my cash flow is limited. The best cover appears to be available from hiscox but prices vary wildly from broker to broker, depending on the amount to cover needed. Even public liability insurance with one broker is double the price with another who use the same underwriter! I don’t understand why this such a massive difference when it’s exactly the same policy — someone is profiteering here!

I looked at other underwriters to; AXA being one. They do look cheap but there is a substantial amount of bad press associated with this company and its put me off dealing with them. Brokers like the AA use AXA for different insurance types and reading customer reviews there does seem to be an underlying problem with them paying out ever! This story on the Internet of a woman who had AXA insurance which refused to pay out on a damaged gear box for two years and as a result of delays in the van in question was stuck in garage and had totalled £3000 worth of storage fees whilst the claim was being argued about. There was some iffy behaviour from the insurance company which isn’t the sort of people I want to deal with.

I do think some brokers see a new business as an opportunity to over sell to and really bump up the prices to where it would become a complete waste of time actually starting a business. I don’t have huge amounts of money to burn on this and I’m not going to start a business until I actually have work to do.

I saw a new doctor last Monday that my local GP practice and I can say without doubt that it was the most useful appointment I have had in a long time. The doctor had also suffered from repetitive strain for a long time and had come through all the treatment options available under the NHS and many that weren’t. She advised me to stay away from the things she tried as they only made her worse or no better. Instead, the doctors suggested I should try modern pilates as it was the only thing that has helped her to recover. I cannot afford to do this and the moment as I am waiting to sort out my employment situation as you cannot pay for expensive consultations without money in the private healthcare sector.

So, where I am at the moment is that I have a company name which is unique, I have identified an appropriate level of insurance and selected the right broker, and I am ready to start.


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