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Hows the RSI?

Its been a while since I gave everyone an update on the old RSI. I am still suffering from various symptoms, I think I always will have that background discomfort.

I have though improved enough to get myself a Samsung netbook which I find more comfortable to type upon than my desktop keyboard for blogging and writing on generally for short periods.  I wouldn’t use a net or laptop as a replacement for a desktop as I do think that they should not be used for extended periods of time ~ in fact it actually says that in the Samsung instructions somewhere I believe!

I do take regular exercise; including using weights, walking and activities like gardening. I am even thinking about growing my own fresh food as I’m sick of the cheap rubbish in the supermarkets lately. The trouble is the soil isn’t very good and it would mean some new top soil and lots of horse shit.

I still do get the hand numbness, pains in the neck, shoulders and spine. I still get that referred pain and hazy mind. I am still very forgetful to the extreme and to be honest it can be so bad where I can forget where I am for a while. That is a bit odd and it stresses me out when I’m on my own. I have SatNav for the car and I rely on other people for other times.

I am still taking the same amounts of breaks and sticking to my 30 hours per week with dedication. I am tempted to do more, but I know I physically cannot or I could but I would be unable to do anything for 2 or 3 weeks afterwards. So, remaining disciplined to a routine is really important for my recovery.

Motivation is something that is hard to maintain with a long term injury like RSI. There are many backwards steps that you have to take in order to move forward. Sometimes you are taking 3 steps back to take one forward, which is disappointing and it can be quite depressing. If you can accept this is the nature of the beast then I find it helps. It still upsets me, but I won’t dwell on it. Think of it like riding a bike, when you fall off you get back on and try again. Yeah, you may cry like a baby for a while but you still get back on and try again.

I think positive mental attitude is important and you have to learn to block or not to be concerned about those around that are being negative, but at the same time try to help by turning their negatives into positive. Just don’t let them turn your positives into negatives! It can easily happen, if you let it.

I still cant and won’t use a normal mouse. I use a track pad on the netbook and/or a vertical usb mouse on here and my desktop. I do use my netbook with a good posture not too dis-similar to when I am using the desktop.  Also, sometimes I do plug a big screen into it and use that rather than the tiny 10inch one. But for writing on the go, simple editing of pictures and other light duties its a very good solution. Well so far so good!

Anyway, I must stop now as the numbness is starting to return which means its time to something completely different for 10 minutes.


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